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    Does anyone know where we can get this article? I guess Scott Anderson, head of Best Buy Mobile Sales, recently said, We have fairly consistently increased the allocation of it to our stores as it has got more and more buzz, Scott Anderson told Reuters. Even though we arent releasing any numbers, we do put this in the realm of a serious iconic launch.

    Here is the article for reference:

    BlackBerry Z10 demand lessened in Canada, UK: Deutsche Bank | Trading Desk | Investing | Financial Post

    I really want to read up on this.
    03-22-13 01:36 PM
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    Found an article about it from Reuters, but nothing else yet:

    BlackBerry faces crucial test with U.S. launch of Z10 | Reuters

    Also, you guys should check out this comment section:

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    03-22-13 02:22 PM

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