1. Tremayne Jemmott's Avatar
    Just throwing an idea out there. What if BBRY made a playbook dock for the Z10? It could use the phone's processor and RAM in a similar fashion to Asus' Padfone and it would bring BB10 to a large tablet format. I know there will be other stuff that has to be worked out but like I said just an idea
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    02-25-13 05:22 PM
  2. ajst222's Avatar
    Oh my gosh I love it! Just plug the Z10/Q10 into a screen with a keyboard, and you've got a laptop. I'm surprised no one has thought of it. I would totally buy it. It would solve my dilemma of me wanting to sell my PlayBook to help pay for a Z10.
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    02-25-13 05:51 PM

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