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    i've seen many pple posting their questions about the bold 9900/9930, the playbook etc. hoping that Kevin or anyone else from the CB-Team at BlackBerry World could answer it, or even go to a RIM-employee and ask that question

    i thought we could make a thread for all our questions, instead of posting them in almost every thread out there, so it'd be easier for the CB-Team to keep track of them (if they should find the time to answer/ask them)

    of course i'm no exception, therefore i start with my questions first:
    (i'll just quote myself from another thread)

    "maybe kevin could ask them more about the 768mb ram, ask them why we "only" have about 210mb free app storage, or if thats just a beta-thing and it'll change when being released
    and maybe even ask them what kind of performance they experienced when you're running low on free app storage, still as smooth and all that?

    and i saw in kevins 13min+ 9900/9930 video that the LED went on, its hard to tell from a video, pple said its like the torch LED, but i've never seen that before
    so maybe you could tell us how it was? was it bright enough? just as good as the 9700 led? or worse?"

    edit: i've got another weird question:
    i've seen you playing around with the device in the 13min video, and when you moved with the trackpad on the homescreen, for example from 1 folder to another, lets say messages to sms, you have to move the trackpad from left to right, but you accidently moved it a bit up so the whole "menu" opened up, and you had to minimize it again
    i've seen that happening in other videos as well, is it maybe a little too sensitive?

    yup, thats it, maybe you'll find to time to answer/ask our questions
    thanks in advance and thanks for all the great coverage

    really loving the bold 9900/9930
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    05-03-11 07:02 AM
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    bump .

    hoping that someone from the CB-Team over there can answer my questions, also if you get the chance it'd be nice to ask them if BING will be optional?
    will it be the only deafult search in the browser, or can we change it to google?

    and typing in the google URL is no option !
    i want it just like on my 9700 ^^

    thats all that worries me at the moment, mostly the LED+BING

    i LOVE this device already, i need it ; <
    05-03-11 11:17 AM
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    Good idea for a thread, BUT please don't bump it after only a few hours! They will see it, give them time, they ARE a little busy right now at BlackBerry World!
    05-03-11 11:23 AM
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    CB team- I would like to know if anyone from RIMM will comment on the new touch devices running os7...
    Will they run QNX when it comes out? I realize that this could be a topic they stay away from... but as a consumer with an older os5.x unit, I do not want to get one of the new devices only to find out that i am out of luck as I am currently with os6.
    05-03-11 11:36 AM
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    Good idea for a thread, BUT please don't bump it after only a few hours! They will see it, give them time, they ARE a little busy right now at BlackBerry World!
    you're right : )
    sorry !

    edit: even posted this post the moment the thread was pushed up again by another user, so it wouldnt seem like another shameless bump : P
    05-03-11 11:51 AM
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    I've read the thread... we'll head back and try and get some answers to these questions. Long story short though is that the answers don't matter... guaranteed if you like the concept of this device (front facing keyboard + touchscreen) you're going to be buying it. It's hottt!
    05-03-11 11:53 AM
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    thank you so much !
    and of course i'll buy it : ) (this was already decided the first moment i read something about the bold touch)

    just curious, theres so much i want to know ^^
    05-03-11 11:55 AM
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    I know you are busy, but I have no idea how BBW works, I have been checking the front page to see what's going on, what events are you going to and what is going on there? How many keynotes are they and when there isn't a keynote what are you doing and seeing?

    05-03-11 11:59 AM
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    Love to hear your take on the microsoft partnership like bing search and Bing Maps etc. Apparently, Bing Maps will become the default mapping option for the blackberry devices in the future. This would be very interesting especially with microsofts dealings with NOKIA. I'd love to see free voice navigation down the line perhaps and integration with Blackberry traffic.

    i have no qualms with Bing and related cloud services especially if things like search are optional. It's not like were not going to be able to use Google maps unlike some people who seem quite anal about anything bing.
    05-03-11 12:05 PM