1. blackberrygoesblue's Avatar
    I browsed a lot of posts but didn't find any working solution.

    This is what I'm seeing when I'm trying to make a payment using PayPal on BB World.

    "Purchase service error. (AW30220i)"

    PayPal works fine with every other merchant and electronic commerce services.

    I also tried adding my cards (MasterCard & Visa) directly as payment method, but then I get this one:

    "There is a problem with your credit card authorisation. (DR12000da).

    I fail to understand the error. Again, both cards work great with every other payment services.

    Today, I ring both PayPal and my Bank, they both said every thing is fine at their end. If it is not happening anywhere else, then it is BlackBerry's problem. One phone, a million problem.

    Anyone can suggest a working solution? Nope, carrier billing is not an option here.

    [I'm trying to get in touch with devs to make direct payment into their PayPal account if they promise to give me a coupon or license key for their app.]
    04-14-17 04:59 PM
  2. Rico4you's Avatar

    Yes this has been reported from other OP's also. There seems to be an issue with PayPal but some adding a credit card should work there are some threads on this issue.
    But try go into BlackBerry World app, swipe down from top, Settings, select general, select refresh BlackBerry World.
    Now go back into BlackBerry World settings, Payment options.

    Have attached threads to help you.

    Good luck


    04-20-17 11:23 AM
  3. cribble2k's Avatar
    You actually found something on BlackBerry World worth paying for?
    04-20-17 03:22 PM
  4. mickyie's Avatar
    I have the same issue with Paypal, pls help me fix it. Thank
    04-25-17 08:18 AM

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