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    ok so i'm looking for luxury right here, i just don't quite know if this is possible.

    i spend a lot of time at my computer working and holding the phone with my neck/head is really starting to hurt when multitasking. however sitting right next to me i have my xbox X1 turtle beaches on these turtle beaches (TB) there is the standard male pink computer mic plugin, and the standard male green computer output plugin.

    however on the volume control box there is a 2.5mm female slot that i would like to use with the blackberry. i've been trying to find a 2.5 to 3.5 headset adapter but they all are simply for headphones and do not support the mic as well...

    i'm really hoping to find a solution to this, but i just can't seem to find anything.
    basically all i'm looking for is someone's help on how i could possibly accomplish this... thanks!
    10-29-09 11:18 PM