1. Tariq Nasir's Avatar
    I think most people forget that the Canadian government views BlackBerry as a source of national pride. I can't see them approving a deal to the Chinese or to a firm that will push them out of business.

    BlackBerry will survive but it may change significantly.. moving into licensing and a software firm.

    I prefer the privatization option as they can slow the pace down, and get away from all the regulatory requirements, and continuing to refine the hardware and software business. The corporate world is rough and full of broad Street bullies.

    BlackBerry is like the nice kid on the block, wearing a sweater vest with a nice comb over.. very Carleton banks like... they need to get away from the mean streets of Harlem and focus on the product.

    Posted via CB10
    08-12-13 07:04 PM
  2. rodan01's Avatar
    BB10 needs 2gb of ram, the race now is to the bottom, nobody will licence the OS.
    08-12-13 07:11 PM

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