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    Hello again folks, just got off of a 45 minute phone call with verizon tech support\Blackberry teir 1\teir 2 support. Whew what a phone call that was. The problem was with a customers vzw.blackberry email address.....

    Yesterday Bob (for confidentiality purposes) upgraded from a World Edition 81**, to a BBerry Storm. Apparently when the other store did the upgrade, they did not associate the old pin (81**) with the new pin (Storm). Instead, the rep that handled the upgrade just created a new email acct.

    Now this created a problem as Bob's company uses Lotus to fwd emails from BobsCompanyEmail@Whatever.com, to his vzw.blackberry.net account. Bob was not getting any of the important emails from his company Lotus acct.

    I was just wondering if anyone knew a better way to solve this particular pickle, other than calling the tech support for a nice 45 min battle of wits.

    Also, it seems I cannot create a thread in the appropriate category for this issue. Is it because my acct here is restricted in which category I can create threads?
    04-25-09 04:02 PM
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    What category did you try to use? The only category closed to users is the Tips, How To, and FAQ. There's nothing wrong with posting this question in BlackBerry Discussion, though, since it's a general question. To which I don't know the answer, but I would like to solve your posting problem, if you have one.
    04-25-09 04:14 PM
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    I tried to post in the Tips, Tricks, and FAQ category
    04-25-09 04:42 PM
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    I tried to post in the Tips, Tricks, and FAQ category
    Yes, that's the ONE place you can't post. That thread is reserved for answers, not questions, and only Mods can move threads there. Threads that start somewhere else and prove to be valuable to the community at large get moved to the Tips, Tricks, and FAQ Forum.
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    04-25-09 04:47 PM
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    aha, thanks for your support.
    04-25-09 04:49 PM
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    PINs are unique to each device. When doing a device switch, you can simply log in to the bb vzw email admin site and choose "change device" from the menu. Enter the new PIN and ESN, resend service books and you should be all set.

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    04-25-09 09:08 PM