1. kudvu002's Avatar
    So I recently sold my addiction on ebay, a ppc6800! In return I purchased a blackberry curve to still give me the ability to have a smartphone and data access. I was so addicted to windows mobile, in creating new roms and adding new 3rd party apps and today screens, or just hacking the roms to make them faster that I felt like it was my life. Switching to the blackberry and getting used to it didnt take alot of time at all! I like alot of things about it and still some things about winmo! Ya see I just like the way phones operate and work for you, I'm into all the extras and ways to make them better and look creative. This is where I miss winmo sometimes. The reason I decided to write this is just that well I've been getting exicted the more I watch videos on the storm about blackberries, but then I watch a video on the xperia or omnia and think wow the possilities! I dunno maybe one day with blackberry hackers will crush the os and make new faster ones with all the junk ripped off of em and allow you to customize em. For now I just try to be a new addict.
    12-07-08 04:12 PM
  2. princess_porkchop's Avatar
    Being addicted to something has never been so fun
    12-07-08 04:14 PM
  3. Kronk's Avatar
    I doubt anyone will be hacking the BBOS any time soon, but if someone found a way to flash Android on a Bold, I'd probably go for that.
    12-07-08 04:55 PM
  4. kudvu002's Avatar
    I'm ready to play with the storm but in ok we dont have verizon yet, only alltel. Until I get to see what a bb touch screen is all about then all I have are memories of my old winmo's and well they worked but werent the best. I guess I just miss flashing every other day and seeing the new tech or upgrades to the rom's people would create.
    12-07-08 06:21 PM
  5. coachcurtisbusse's Avatar
    I miss some somethings from winmo but more so I miss palm. I am happy with bb but why when wrtiting text you don't have a back button or forward button up and down like to put the cursor where you would like in stead of clicking track ball then put it where u want then hit trackball again to continue text some things of BB just seem extra steps to what's already out there and then again there are things my curve can do other phones can. Live by berry die by the berry

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    12-08-08 12:20 AM
  6. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Both are solid and proven OS's and platforms IMO. Comes down to what the
    individual wants/needs in a device. There are quite a few things I miss from
    WinMo and am completely dumbfounded as to why they are not incorporated
    into the BB OS (running apps from memory card for instance).

    All in all though I have the device that works best for me.
    12-08-08 12:35 AM
  7. kudvu002's Avatar
    so today i cruised by the att store to get a gift card for my mothers purchase of the bold(due for upgrade in jan, maybe the 8900 instead) and I decided to play with some of the new winmo phones! After messing around with the fuze I just decided that it was nice but it had all the apps that I would of dl or hacked with my old 6800. Next was the omnia which was whack! I didnt really care for it in the time that I had to mess with it and last was an lg touch screen winmo phone maybe? I dont remeber but was horrible on mem and the screen was to little to be a non qwerty phone! I think someone should ship me a storm to play with until jan when I start seeing alltel signs come down and verizon go up
    12-11-08 08:06 PM