04-25-11 09:23 AM
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  1. JR8830's Avatar
    The only 2 features of the iPhone that serve a productive benefit are the voice mail feature and the full web browser. Ok...so you can select an individual voice mail and delete it from the gui... I have 3 "techie" friends who rushed out to get the iPhone and all 3 cannot receive calls (after 3 to 6 months of use) when the all wonderful iPhone is plugged in and charging...good phones that can't receive calls??

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    12-30-07 01:23 AM
  2. tomms's Avatar
    Blackberry for work and iphone for fun....

    we cannot said this better than that...

    both have pros and cons...

    01-05-08 05:07 PM
  3. MrP's Avatar
    Had a curve-got an iPhone-now I'm back with a curve.
    To all out there save yourself the money-youll look super cool but you'll miss your Berry!

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    01-05-08 10:11 PM
  4. trinston's Avatar
    I just used an iPhone two days ago and I can't stand the keyboard. It's terrible! The screen is very nice and I like the touch abilities (to a point), but just typing my email address was difficult.
    01-06-08 03:08 PM
  5. Do_Urden's Avatar
    8GB is nowhere near enough for my music and film needs and I really need the push e-mail for work. I currently have a curve and an itouch 16GB and I think it is a perfect combination. The only thing I miss is the full internet and the click to call feature whilst browsing sites (this is made so easy by the touch screen).

    Touch screen (when done well) is the way forward (I have skinny fingers by the way!).

    Power point presentations damage your brain, if you look at to many you become immoral.
    01-07-08 11:34 AM
  6. mjl's Avatar
    I love my BB but have to admit the browser sucks compared to the iPhone browser.

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    01-13-08 04:56 PM
  7. therockstar76's Avatar
    Well the iphone is hot you can't deny that, but you can't turn your nose up at all of the features that the blackberry has to offer, It's just a simple case of preference, ya dig?
    02-09-08 12:49 PM
  8. pmas's Avatar
    Had both..sold the iPhone and cancelled AT&T. Glad I kept VZW account.
    02-09-08 05:43 PM
  9. Flurrycat's Avatar
    My husband has the iphone and I have a pearl. I agree with everyone who's said the devices really appeal to different markets and have different purposes. I've had a pda since 2000 and switched to a smart phone when the first treo came out on Sprint. The iphone just can't pull off what a true pda-type smartphone can. I can text and write emails faster on the pearl than my husband can on the iphone, and I've tried his keyboard and I had more misspellings than with the suretype on the pearl! I'd be lost w/o the task manager on my bb also (the iphone has notes but no tasks). I've got a great camera with a flash, real GPS (iphones don't have true GPS), a decent music player (though the interface isn't as cool as the iphone), and it's all on a device smaller and much more lightweight than the iphone. But my husband works in interactive marketing where having the newest, coolest device and cutting edge internet technology is important. The iphone allows him to do his job when he's on the run in a way that no other device can. He's also really into music and is a musician himself. I can't imagine a better phone than the iphone for him, or a better phone than the pearl for me.
    02-10-08 12:41 PM
  10. bunnymud's Avatar
    Touch screens are crap

    nuff sed
    02-10-08 04:19 PM
  11. JJFrigle's Avatar
    I agree... I like the way that the iPhone handles voicemail, but the touchscreen keyboard is BS. Come on....
    02-10-08 04:31 PM
  12. Viper717's Avatar
    the iPhone and the BBerry are targeted to different markets really, the berry is a more "corporate" based phone if you will and the iPhone is a "consumer" phone. I did however play with an iPhone and hated it, not a fan of the on screen keyboard at all. The BBerry keyboard is easier to type on and feels nicer in your hand. But to each their own right?
    02-13-08 12:34 PM
  13. BSM#CB's Avatar
    I've been a BB user since 2002, with a small hiatus when the Treo 700 came out, then back to the BB when the Pearl was released on Tmo.

    When the iPhone came out, I purchased one the day of it's release, just to check it out. I used it for about 3 weeks before calling up AT&T and nixing the contract, thus leaving me with a glorified iPod Touch.

    Then the unlocks came out about a month later - and had the iPhone working on Tmo for about 6 months before a software update snaffu caused it to brick.

    Ran right out to the Tmo store, and within an hour I was back up on a BB Curve 8320... I love it.

    But now, the iPhone is back to life, so instead of battling them against each other, I'm keeping both. They all have their pros and cons, kinda like picking between driving your SUV to work in the snow and taking the Convertible out on the weekends, so I'll see if this marriage of devices can make do.
    02-13-08 12:51 PM
  14. D_Dog's Avatar
    I like the iPhone, I love my BB. I hate AT&T, terrible service, voice quality, and coverage, in my area. Although I have plenty of issues with my current Verizon too.
    02-13-08 11:47 PM
  15. brian.olmstead's Avatar
    I actually used to own an iPhone as well... Bought it the first day they came out back in July of last year. About 3 weeks ago I switched to a Curve 8310, and I have to say, it is leaps and bounds better than the iPhone ever was. Of course, this is all my opinion, but honestly the only things I miss about the iPhone was wi-fi (but I only really used it in the office in my house) and the Safari browser. The iPod,eh, I'll live without it, and everything else on the phone was pure razzle dazzle that wore off rather quick. Don't get me wrong, I love Apple as I think their products are some of the best (albeit a little expensive...), but ever since switching to the BB, I've not looked back once, and with so many more features and tricks and applications available than on the iPhone, I don't think I ever will.

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    02-16-08 04:49 PM
  16. D_Dog's Avatar
    ... and with so many more features and tricks and applications available than on the iPhone, I don't think I ever will.

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    This could change in the coming months, once the Apple iPhone SDK is released. You'll hopefully start seeing many great 3rd party apps for the iPhone. I don't see it ever being better than a BB. The iPhone will always be crippled by the less than adequate AT&T network coverage.
    02-16-08 04:56 PM
  17. DeadAim's Avatar
    i had the iphone(4gb) before my blackberry curve. the iphone is kinda over rated. the only plus about the iphone is the touch screen and the internet browser. other than that, i rather have my bb curve anyday.
    02-16-08 05:03 PM
  18. brian.olmstead's Avatar
    This could change in the coming months, once the Apple iPhone SDK is released. You'll hopefully start seeing many great 3rd party apps for the iPhone.
    Very true, but knowing Apple, there will be some sort of pricing model involved, whereas with the BB, you can get most of the good apps for free. I was thinking of waiting until they released the SDK and then decide, but honestly I was also tired of having to handle everything through iTunes. It just felt like a very closed environment (which it really is), and I'm a lot happier now knowing that I'm not tethered to a horrible, bloated application anymore...
    02-16-08 06:39 PM
  19. fatmike346's Avatar
    I like the iPhone but i would rather take the BB hands down!
    02-17-08 05:03 AM
  20. Sweeny's Avatar
    We are hoping for Iphone in Canada. IPod Touch is good and calls arent cheap either lol.
    02-25-08 11:48 PM
  21. crackvegas78's Avatar
    Both are great, but I think that the comparison is not quite right. Blackberrys came from the buisness world and have evolved from there. The iphone was made as an entertainment devise from the start.

    I like the bb better but I really would not mind having an iphone, just would not pay that much and never insted of my bb. Kinda like having a truck and a sports car, ones for work, one you take to the club. LOL
    02-25-08 11:59 PM
  22. surfcitybum's Avatar
    Can't hang with the touch screen. Give any BB any day, any time and any place.
    02-26-08 12:37 AM
  23. bronxiniowa's Avatar
    If iPhone had push email I'd consider it. But there doesn't seem any way for this to happen. BB has true push (server to phone), Microsoft has it in reverse (phone constantly pings server and pulls down email when it detects it). What other option is there?
    02-26-08 10:40 AM
  24. dgvito's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I'm new here so be nice, anyone compare the New I-Phone 3G to the BB yet.Need to get something very soon.

    Priority needs are Data transmission, E-mail, SMS, Web browsing, Camera and video for an extremely fast paced business environment, I need "superman" fast.

    Don't need the phone features that bad, I have 3 verizon Mobil lines although it would be helpful to have an additional service provider for outage areas. I use Grand Central to route calls to all my phones.

    Also no real need for laptop connectivity as I have Wi-Fi and Verizon on a separate number, but again the BB tether for back up would be nice.

    I was leaning heavily toward the Curve hoping to hold out for the Bold but things have changed and I need to move fast now. What screwed me up was watching the video of the new Apple 3G.

    Additionally I have ZERO Need for a Music player.

    How about service providers for either, I was leaning toward AT&T for the Curve again just for the Data, seems to be rated better than verizon.


    P.S. My wife says if I ever get caught in a rainstorm I will die from electrocution.
    07-27-08 02:16 PM
  25. WhitBerry1207's Avatar
    I have a friend who was so determined to get an iphone... He made that move after comparing a few phones and resisting the BB... I then got a BB a 2 months later and I have been in love since February 14th, while trying to convince him how wonderful the BB is.... Just yesterday he told me, he was headed to the sprint store to take care of his phone situation... I said what happened... He replied, "I gotta get that BB Curve"... I knew he would cross over, it was only a matter of time!!!

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    07-27-08 02:38 PM
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