1. tsquare's Avatar
    Yesterday (6/29/13) I went into a corporate Verizon store, to get a new case for my Bold 9930. There was a wait, given the normal Saturday craziness in a phone store, so as I waited, I went looking for the new Z10 and Q10.

    Yes my friends... went looking for them. The Z10 and Q10 were located... all the way in the rear of the store, in the 6 foot section of wall that didn't say it put was the 'and we have these phones too.'

    Windows phones had better placement than Blackberry... and signage... and thus were getting far more attention. In the time I was in the store... just under 30 minutes, I was the only one to look at the Z10 and Q10.

    Want to know why sales suck and the stock sank... look no further...

    I take no joy in typing this... but I think I will need to look at other platforms for my next upgrade.
    06-30-13 05:38 PM
  2. DenverRalphy's Avatar
    On the flip side... The VZW store near me has the Z10 prominently displayed with a lot of marketing material dotting the sales floor.

    SwiftKeyed/Flowed via TapaTalk 4 beta.
    06-30-13 05:43 PM
  3. phuoc's Avatar
    Not here in Orange County, Ca. BB's relegated to the back of the stores. Tmobile,verizon,sprint or att, it does not matter. The talk here is that BB is going the way of IBM, out of the hardware business and into the software and management business.
    06-30-13 07:38 PM

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