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    CEO John Chen has now said that BlackBerry will focus on the mid-range, with two new Android-powered handsets due out this year (reports The National’s John Everington). One will feature a physical keyboard – this is likely to be the BlackBerry Venice, previously reported on Forbes, while the other will be a full touchscreen device.

    Although previously hinted at, Chen confirms the two handsets will be Android-powered.
    If I want an android phone I'll get a Samsung.

    The whole reason I went away from seven years of iPhones was to get away from iOS and enjoy BB10, first on the Classic (love the toolbelt and trackpad) to now the Passport SE (miss the trackpad but has other niceties).

    Does Chen seriously expect me to believe they can't figure out how to run android apps under/within BB10?
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    04-09-16 11:53 AM
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    Don't get me wrong, but the Venice is out since November and is called Priv... Probably you/they mean the "Hamburg" and the "Rome", two rumored mid-specs devices due for this (2016) year...

    And, I'm not here to defend Chen's job, but he can't do anything to make you run every Android app you want on our BB10 device. You can run a lot of them, you can install Google Play already but BlackBerry won't ever update the Runtime(which is stuck to the 4.3 version). Within 3-4 months, more than 50% of Androids in the wild will run both 5.0(Lollipop) and 6.0(Marshmallow). The support for 4.3 will be around for at least a year, a year and a half. After that, a lot of apps that are right now "working" on BB10 will cease to work. By the time being, I suggest you to consider moving towards Android or iOS.
    Chen decided to go the Android-way to try to maintain the hw division alive, which is not guaranteed at all. Let's see what happens, but basically, if it's gonna be BlackBerry, it's gonna be Android. Accept it.
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    04-09-16 12:58 PM
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    If I want an android phone I'll get a Samsung.

    BlackBerry will be the only one offering pkb-phones with android, that's why I am interested. I hope this time it's not a slider.

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    04-09-16 01:12 PM
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    The PKB + Android thing has been done (I used the Droid Pro for a year or so) and didn't seem to be a success then. At the time BlackBerry and Nokia PKB phones were still going concerns, so we'll see how the market receives them once they have the field to themselves.

    I'm skeptical, as even a good portion of the BlackBerry faithful have abandoned the PKB, so my suspicion is the remaining few are too small a niche to be viable.

    As for an all touch Android, do you really see any BlackBerry being competitive with the competition at any given price point? Much as I would like to have them succeed in hardware, the realist in me just can't get there.

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    04-09-16 02:17 PM
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    Firstly, being a BlackBerry10 Lover, I feel the OP's pain. That being said, we also have to realize that John Chen isn't trying to regain the BlackBerry Device market share, even if he were handed it. He came to do exactly what he's done in the past, and what would lead us to believe otherwise?
    So the devices he promotes will:
    1) be overly priced: to fund BlackBerry's transition to Software Manufacturing. 2) not threaten the Market share positions of the competitor's devices, who will be the customers for the BlackBerry's Security and Enterprise Software.
    3) be cheaply cost effective to maximize "Revenue ", while not pushing the envelope. This has been the case with too many previous roll-outs.
    1) The Z30 (a great BlackBerry device with older industry specs at the time of launch). 2) The controversial original shape of the Passport, loved and maligned equally. Originally, updated only for AT&T (including wireless charging). Then revamped on the Silver Edition, but only sold online (and without wireless charging) . Argumentatively the best BlackBerry device, yet not available to the masses via the carriers? 3) The Classic: a beautiful device; released after the Passport, but with specs based on the Q10? Really.... 4)The Priv: the salvation of the BlackBerry devices "if 5million units were sold ". So you launch it at $700, when your trying to make up ground on similar devices that already control the market? You're interviewed not be able to properly operate your latest Flagship and verbally state the BlackBerry10 just didn't have enough apps to be successful. Really?..coming from the C.E.O.. And by the way, the Priv is only available running Android, which alienates those who supported your BlackBerry10 venture . And now BlackBerry's going to launch a Mid-range Android phone for $400, when comparable Android devices are available for $300-$250. Stay Tuned for this one. And didn't mention the delay in the BlackBerry10 updates, which could push folks to purchase the Priv or just leave BlackBerry.

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    04-09-16 05:45 PM
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    Yeah, there are already couple of threads with the same news.

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