1. daddybear's Avatar
    Hello everyone.

    I promise I have searched around but cannot find anything resembling an answer....

    I loaded OS 4.5 onto my verizon 8130.

    I'm not happy with it because I cannot access anything on MSN now even my hotmail.

    I downloaded version 4.3 (FROM THE VERIZON SITE so it should be compatible)

    Now when I plug in my pearl Desktop Manager does not recognize it. It asks If I want to turn on mass storage mode and if I press yes it downloads my pictures ect. but the pin never shows up as connected in the desktop manager window. If I check no it doesn't show up. If I do nothing it doesn't show up...

    Anyone ever see this before.

    I have PULLED THE BATTERY (several times)

    I have downloaded the files to 2 seperate computers

    I have rebooted both computers.

    I simply cannnot get desktop manager to recognize the device...

    Any thoughts or help greatly appreciated.

    10-29-08 02:32 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Opps. Somewhere along the way, your USB drivers were messed up.

    The simple fix is Windows Control Panel / Programs / Uninstall. Select BlackBerry Desktop Software and use the repair option, that should fix you up.
    10-29-08 03:18 PM