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    I am using Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 in India! My Network Provider is Vodafone, Haryana! I am using this phone since June, 2012 and everything was working perfectly on my phone! On this 24th January, 2013, I upgraded my OS from 7.1 Bundle 457 to latest 7.1 Bundle 2123. I installed the OS successfully and after that BIS Plan on my phone stopped! EDGE became edge! I am following up the Vodafone Data team continuously since then! They can see my Pin and IMEI Number! It's the same as it was earlier! Today they deactivated my BIS Plan and asked me to activate it again! After doing that also, edge didn't came as EDGE! And they finally concluded that there is problem in my OS! I have downgraded my OS to Bundle 457 but the same issue is there! When I click on Register Now in Host Routing Table, I don't receive any message in return!

    Results of Diagnostic Test-
    Radio Data Activation: Yes
    Signal Level: -84 dBm
    Radio Access: EDGE
    Network: Vodafone IN
    IP Address: xx.xx.xxx.xx (x written coz of Security, otherwise its available in numeric)
    ICMP Ping Echo: Yes
    BlackBerry Registration: No
    Connected to BlackBerry: Abort
    BlackBerry PIN-PIN: Abort

    I have 3 entries in Service Book:
    Wi-Fi TCP/IP Browser [BrowserConfig]
    Wi-Fi TCP/IP Transport [WPTCP]
    Facebook [CICAL]

    Kindly tell me whom to contact for this, Vodafone or BlackBerry! Vodafone's people have easily said that its problem with the Phone not at their end!


    Rajiv Arora
    01-28-13 02:09 PM
  2. calicocat2010's Avatar
    You might want to ask this in the Bold 9930/9900 threads. They can help you because here a mod is going to move this there eventually so you might as well Post over at the said thread.
    01-28-13 05:10 PM
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    I notice you are in India, using a phone which was only marketed in North America and was almost always supplied locked to network under contract. That implies it must have been unlocked and resold. In this situation it is common for the phone's PIN to be blocked by the original network supplier, because the original purchaser defaulted on contract or the phone was reported stolen. In some cases we have found the phone has been sold outside USA, and then reported stolen in support of a fraudulent insurance claim - which also gets the phone's PIN blocked and barred from all RIM services. I suggest you ask your local network support people to contact RIM and check the status of the phone's IMEI and PIN.

    I changed the title to reflect that this problem is unlikely to be linked to your exact phone model, and is of more general interest.
    01-28-13 05:41 PM
  4. rajivarora's Avatar
    If this is the case, then how it was working since June, 2012 till date? Pin Number is same, IMEI Number is also same!
    01-28-13 05:52 PM
  5. Branta's Avatar
    Because when you reloaded new software it would force a refresh of the phone's registration from RIM servers (Host Routing Table, Service Books). That has probably been running on locally cached values since June (plenty of time for a blacklist entry to be made) until you forced the reload. I'm not certain this will be the cause but the description is compatible and it is a fairly common issue with phones exported for resale. It is certainly worth getting your network to make the check.
    01-29-13 07:35 PM
  6. rajivarora's Avatar
    What is the best way out to restore my BIS? Please help!
    01-30-13 05:08 PM

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