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    For BBM Video to compete with Skype on the business front, BlackBerry eventually needs a BlackBerry/BBM room system endpoint. My idea, so that the device could also be filtered out on the consumer side if things, is a modular setup. The brains being a small box with HDMI out, HDMI in, Component Video in/out, Gigabit Ethernet port, WiFi, an optional external cellular antenna connector (for a model with LTE capability more later on this), and multiple USB ports. This box would be running BB10, have either 8 or 16 GB of storage on board, and be able to connect to an external USB drive for additional storage. HDMI input in the front too. IR Blaster.

    For business, there would be an external, moterized, USB HD camera with remote control and multiple microphone inputs. All you do is connect it to the box, box to a large flat panel display, and you have a room based VTC system that is FIPS approved. Have a SIP based video client to integrate with an existing corporate conference bridge, and make your own BES based BBM Video conference bridge functionality. Now you have a complete encrypted video solution from room systems to mobile workforce, all on a BlackBerry solution. The LTE option I was referring to would be an emergency or tactical option for when your main comms are cut off or you want a quick and dirty field based VTC system with encryption over the existing wireless infrastructure. HDMI in on the front would be to connect a PC for sharing presentations. Probably should have a model with a second HDMI out on it for dual screen setups too, or if cheap enough just make a single box with dual out. This would be phone components without the screen, which should save on costs and increase buying power.

    Now the same basic box model could be marketed to consumers and here is how. Simple, optional USB HD camera to connect and put on a TV for BBM Video endpoint and home Skype system. Place the box between your TV and your cable/sat provider box so it can do overlay functions like Xbox One, and so it can also be used as a Sling box / Vulkano type device for streaming to your phone, or other BlackBerry TV devices that you allow access (Maybe buy Vulkano for that tech, Component in would be to get by HDCP in HDMI sources). Provide a BBM sharing service that would allow you to connect a large external drive packed full of Music, movies, and Storage, and you control what BBID's have access to your BlackBerry TV, basically creating a personal/family BBM cloud service and family Sling like services. Allow for full device backups to this storage too. DVR capability with the external drive. Build in network printer support and make Print to Go from the phone be able to print to your home printer no matter where you are from your phone, or from your BlackBerry TV device directly.

    Feel free to add some functionality you think should be in a device like this for either business or personal use in this thread. BlackBerry must deliver value and devices beyond phones with BB10, and I think this is a good starting point.

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    02-22-14 08:51 AM
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    Totally agree with such a product. I thought about this for about over a year already and even thought about founding a company to provide this. Blackberry fired lots of programmers and technicans over the last three years, who are aware of Blackberry 10 and were also involved in the completion of this OS. I had a contact from Sweden who developed for Blackberry and discussed this idea with him a lot, but he was also a bit pissed of, cause of losing his job at "RIM". Well, he gave me some contacts of other developers who recently were on the payroll of Blackberry, who may be interested, but I got so busy the last months, that I wasn't able to collect those guys in a proper way... After this it could be able to make something like a commissional work on that product and sell it to Blackberry... but there would be and will be a lot of work to be done till that point....
    02-22-14 09:00 AM

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