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    I did do a search in a few different ways but since my keywords are so common I couldn't find anything. You'll have to forgive me if this has been answered before.

    I just activated a BES email from work and did a wipe of the phone before activating. I was able to download everything back from appworld with my ID except for 2 things. One was twitter: I searched for it but there was no option to reinstall. I got around it by going to the blackberry website and downloading it OTA from there instead of appworld and now I can use the app.

    The second one is obviously the travel app. Same issue here, I can search for the app but I don't have an option to reinstall, only screenshots, reviews, etc. I did a search for travel but couldn't find anything on the phone itself. The website directs me to appworld so can't install it from there.

    Is there something I'm missing or is the policy on BES preventing these 2 apps from functioning properly? We have a hosted exchange and BES from rackspace. I'm the first person testing this right now.

    Thank you.
    06-15-11 01:42 AM
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    I'm on a very restrictive BES policy at work that does not allow me to even use AppWorld. Your IT department can tell you what is allowed under your BES, there are many different security settings/levels that are available under BES.
    That said, I'm very surprised you can even do a wipe.

    It also depends on what version of BES you're on. We just upgraded and I can't even load the Weather Channel, NOTHING.

    By the way, I'm really sorry you can't use BB Travel, it's a great app.
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    06-15-11 04:19 AM
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    FYI, I am on a BES, and CAN use Blackberry Travel.

    It is a great app, for the most part, missing lots of useful things, but I love that it over rides my profiles to buzz me when I can go online and check in for a flight.

    It has become a must have app for me.
    Contact your BES admin if they have it blocked to find out why

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    06-15-11 07:45 AM
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    We don't have BES hosted at our company, a hosting email company is handling email for us. I will ask our IT department to see if they can contact Rackspace (hosting company)

    I did have BESX installed on our exchange server just for testing and I was able to use everything. Now that we're adding more employees to the exchange we don't want to do the managing ourselves in case it brakes, hence the hosting company.
    06-15-11 12:50 PM