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    looks smooth than the previous build

    04-12-11 01:31 PM
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    04-12-11 01:41 PM
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    Looks very snappy and quick....Here's my problem though. I like my storm one and now storm two, but the lack of applications that BB has is swaying me away more and more. My neighbor just got an evo shift and some of the apps he has are amazing and free to boot. One such app (I forgot the name) is a push to talk app which would be so useful in my trade. I look it up and guess what no support for BB. If you read these blogs, the consensus is no one wants to develop for 6.1 because it is yet another stop gap. I really do love the ease of use w BB, such as navigating from messages to the sound profiles and back to the homescreen and with few clicks. Why couldn't they make BB traffic like google nav for instance? I just don't know what I'm gonna do this summer. Seems like 98% of people who do switch never look back, and I'm getting tired of not having a good selection of apps.

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    04-12-11 02:00 PM
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    mod, please close this thread as this is a repost
    04-12-11 02:01 PM