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    I dropped my phone in my tea yesterday... I did a few things right, like I immediately removed the battery and got off as much of the liquid as I could with a napkin. BUT I also made a few major errors... I didn't have rice at the time I dropped my phone, so it took a good 12 hours before I could put it in the rice. I left it overnight and tried to turn it on again, which I think was a mistake because while it was semi-functional soon after it was dropped, it wouldn't even turn on. I put it back in the rice and won't touch it for another 48 hours.... does anyone have an idea of what the likelihood of it returning to life again is? I looked at the sticker on my battery and it doesn't indicate water damage. My phone sticker is blue -- does that mean water damage? Can parts of my phone be replaced or do I just have to get a completely new phone?

    PLEASE HELP ME! Any input is highly appreciated.
    02-13-11 03:58 PM
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    I haven't had water damage to either of the Blackberries I have had yet, so i don't know how they will hold up to it. Dropping it in something and quickly taking it out and taking steps to make sure it clears out everything that got in it is a good idea. Don't touch the phone for awhile, and if your really lucky it will work again. Although If BB's are better then non-smartphones with keeping water out and working after being damaged like that, then your BB has a very good chance. Before I had a BB, I had a phone that sat in water for atleast 4 hours and it worked perfectly within a week and I didn't put it in rice.
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    02-13-11 04:03 PM
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    To anyone who ever has (or will) dropped their phone in liquid...rice is a miracle!!! 48 hours without touching it cured it and now it works perfect (minus the keyboard lighting, which is a little funky, but small price to pay!). YAY!
    02-15-11 08:58 PM
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    did you find out what the blue indicator is? i fell into a puddle two nights ago and i didnt get my torch into rice until the next morning : / my circle indicator on the phone is blue but the battery indicator is still white and it has been in rice for almost 48 hours now. I belive my battery is dead and want to know if i should charge it?
    dammit i hope mine works
    07-08-11 11:57 AM
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    If the battery indicator is white YAA!!

    my torch is still alive and well after water damage, might randomly reboot on me once a week if I put it down too hard.

    as long as you took the battery out right away, you don't need to put it in rice right away, it is how long you leave power to it before it has been dried out
    07-08-11 12:23 PM
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    Why does this thread have so many views?!
    07-08-11 03:03 PM
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    People drop their phones in the water all the time
    07-08-11 03:07 PM
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    It might be okay. I spilled a big glass of water over the keyboard of a laptop while it was on about three years ago. The thing still works fine today.

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    07-08-11 09:01 PM
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    Success For Me!!!
    So my phone fell in the tub (stupid me, had the phone in my bra trying to unstop the tub) anywho i put it in rice(after putting the battery in and out numerous times and plugging it up to the wall for a split sec FAIL DONT DO THAT!) So I thought rice wouldn’t work! I admit I jumped the gun and tried the battery out a couple times and it didn’t work. After 48hrs i just a assumed it was dead until i plugged it up to my computer and opened the blackberry desktop hoping i could retrieve so numbers off it and to my surprise after like 15min it came back on. So I quickly backed up everything and used it the whole day and the next morning it was dead again so i repeated the same process and it came back on. So im pretty sure its the battery that’s going bad and im going to get a new one. So just too let you guys no there is hope if only the blinking led is lighting up after its dried out try letting it charge for 10 15 mins and see what happens. Its worth a try if you think its completely dead!
    08-28-12 10:55 AM
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    Rice usually works.

    I have never dropped my phone in water yet alone on the ground (once yes I did on the ground)

    But I've heard from my phone that it works, so well, I guess it does xD

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    08-28-12 12:18 PM