1. Yvan Taveras's Avatar
    Hey I Want To Now. The Blackberry Bold 9650 And The Blackberry 9630 From SPRINT COMES UNLOKED FROM FACTORY Is The Same SITUATIONS With The Blackberry Torch 9850? Come Unloked Some Body Can Comfir That Data? I Need To Know After Buy 1 From Ebay. BLACKBERRY Torch 9850 Is Unloked of Factory. The Same With The 9850 With The US CELLULAR BLACKBERRY Torch 9850. Need Imformations.

    I See Every Blackberrys From Verizon Need The UNLOK CODE. BUT I NEED TO KNOW SPRINT DONT NEED IT RIGHT?
    04-07-12 09:04 AM
  2. masterscarhead1's Avatar
    What company doesn't network lock these days. I really doubt it. I think you'll need a $10 unlock code anyways. And beware, Sprint uses different network bands
    04-07-12 11:11 AM
  3. louzer's Avatar
    The 9650 came unlocked on Sprint. The newer BB7 phones do not. Sprint ships these as locked with a Sprint international SIM card for use outside the US.

    If you see a 9930 or 9850 on eBay that is being sold 'unlocked', it is either:

    a) A locked 9850 that has had an unlock code applied (that if not the right code or applied correctly, can mess up the phone or

    b) The phone has a bad ESN and the CDMA radio has been 'unlocked' so that it can be used only on another CDMA carrier.

    When the GSM is 'unlocked' on a Sprint phone, it generally means that it is unlocked for international use. This does not necessarily mean that you can pop an AT&T or T-Mobile card in the phone and use it on GSM in the US. This is because the international GSM frequencies differ from the US ones.

    Be very careful buying a phone like that and ask a lot of very specific questions. 'Unlocked' does not necessarily mean the same thing given the many different 'unlocked' scenarios. And also beware that if you buy a phone like this, and it doesn't work, the unlocking might have voided the warantee.
    04-07-12 11:29 AM