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    BlackBerry Torch 10000 Hinted by Insurer Asurion

    It has been rumored many times if we’d see RIM break into the 5 digit range. According to the insurer, Asurion, we may see a BlackBerry Torch 10000, at least that’s what shows on their help site.
    Asurion is pretty buddy buddy with the. It wouldn’t surprise us if they had special access to upcoming roadmaps. The BlackBerry Torch 10000 is shown to be available from AT&T in an advanced search dropdown.
    So far, we’ve seen real live image of what is codenamed the BlackBerry London. This slate device looks to have a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, LTE, 8MP, and of course BlackBerry 10. Although, it is unclear if the ‘London’ will be labeled as the first 10000 BlackBerry.
    What do you think is the BlackBerry 10000? A screw up by an Asurion employee? The iPhone 5 is also listed. Sound off!

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