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    Can anyone fill me in a little on the Basics of RIM's business. I understand they have the BB's and the software, NOC, BES and the BIS. the last three being what sets them apart from the competition. I get that. I understand that RIM can encrypt data and send it over their network and keep it secure. Dose anyone have any incite or extrapolation on the business. For instance will it ever be possible for RIM to have voice communication over their network.
    Any thoughts or ideas of where this business could go in the future would be great, very interesting. I'm very tired of reading all the RIM is dead news articles. I want to hear what you guys and gals think on the more positive side of things.
    I have read plenty of the posts on CB and have a lot of respect for most of the people that share their thoughts here. ... So I'm looking to pic all your well endowed brains a bit. Anyone who shares, I thank you up front.
    If the people at RIM get to a point of taking this company out for a real spin and keep the pedal to the metal, (new phones this summer is a good place for them to start) what might it look like
    Trying to make this a positive buzz generator. !...
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    BlackBerry Bank? it ties into the new product NFC incorporation and security thats for sure...
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