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    Results and Infographic

    The phone maker-turned-service provider reported third-quarter results that surpassed analysts’ expectations. Revenue was flat compared to the year-over period at $226 million, but higher than $212.58 million expected by analysts. Adjusted earnings of 5 cents per share was above analysts’ prediction of 2 cents per share.

    The Waterloo, Canada-based company is depending heavily on mobile security and enterprise software, which form a major part of its new area of operation. BlackBerry is also venturing into the emerging fields of the internet of things (IoT) and autonomous driving, both of which holds a lot of potential.
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    12-20-18 07:42 AM
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    It was good in a number of ways....

    But of concern to some is that the Enterprise Software and Services... key part of their revenue and future, was down again. And of concern is the fact that their Global business is drying ups... BlackBerry is becoming more and more a North American offering.

    So good for BlackBerry Limited, but not good enough for investors looking for a good investment.
    12-20-18 08:07 AM

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