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    I doubt there is any one who will deny that their blackberry has taken over at least a small amount of their life. For me, however, I have to admit there is rarely a time when I am not checking the led on my phone to see if it is flashing or what color it may be flashing. Its making me neurotic, and I willingly pay more for my phone than ever before and i cant seem to control myself from using it all day surfing the web, and draining its battery, which only leads to me sprinting back to its charger the feed the monkey once again. Although, the funny thing is, unlike my ipod, or laptop, or anything else that runs on rechargeable batteries (i.e. beard trimmer lol) i actually sit there and look at it begging for the charging to be done so i can once again frolic with it where ever i may roam. All these symptoms of addiction only recently started when i got my blackberry, leading me to believe RIM is built on an native american burial ground, or maybe its processor is so fast because the info pipelines are coated with baby cheetah blood..... erm, but anyways who knows!!!! Does anyone else have any other proof to help this theory?

    Please we must get to the bottom of this! Everyone weigh in on this, it may be a matter of life and death!

    P.s. If this post is in the wrong place i'm sorry but please don't close it. Thanks!
    03-05-08 11:31 PM