1. ransonju's Avatar
    As an American traveling in Canada (Toronto) for business, I can say that BlackBerry is still alive and well. It's amazing the difference between here and the US. Walking around the streets of Toronto tonight, BB's were probably 90%/10% compared to iPhone/Android devices. At home, it's probably about 75%/25% the other way.

    It was interesting and I thought I'd share. Any idea why? Is it just because Canadians are typically tied into contracts for 3 years and just haven't been able to upgrade yet?
    06-21-11 09:51 PM
  2. vistate1's Avatar
    or that us canucks love a great communications device? lol

    contracts up here suck. but if you want to upgrade just pay.
    06-21-11 10:35 PM
  3. tavualbert's Avatar
    i guess bb are way better for business corporation, and its a product from is country
    06-21-11 10:35 PM
  4. ibigberries's Avatar
    Oh wow. didn't know they were tied to 3 year contracts there. I thought 2 years was bad.
    06-21-11 11:24 PM
  5. satanberry's Avatar
    They are 3 year contracts but most of the time you can renew and upgrade your phone after 2 years.

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    06-22-11 12:47 AM
  6. DannyAves's Avatar
    I just came back from 3 weeks in Spain and Portugal and I noticed the same thing. Blackberry is the top smartphone perhaps as many as 4 out of 5 are Blackberry, I believe I only noticed 3 iPhones while I was there. In addition, BlackBerry ads are everywhere, on bus stops, posters, even a giant ad was on the entire side of a building in downtown Barcelona.
    06-22-11 06:01 AM
  7. the_game969's Avatar
    i dont know...I live in Montreal and the iphone if everywhere.One of the many reason why I decided to go with Blackberry.
    06-22-11 06:40 PM
  8. wendybeee's Avatar
    Living in Toronto people with their Blackberry are everywhere and seems mostly females with iPhones. Also but if you mention Android most people either say 'what's that' or just think of it as just another cell phone....this is just what I've found.
    06-22-11 07:10 PM
  9. the_game969's Avatar
    I agree...when I was looking for my torch,I couldnt believe how low android devices where on kijiji
    06-22-11 07:47 PM
  10. melh72's Avatar
    It's because RIM is Canadian!!

    We love to support our fellow country men! We do it in sports as well...no matter how badly we're doing we alway support our home team...or in this case smartphone company . We're nothing if not loyal...
    06-22-11 08:35 PM
  11. RetroAndreas's Avatar
    ^ Agreed. BB is what all the kids want in the GTA and what I see most adults carrying.

    9900 will be my next phone unless Rim completely implodes. :-0
    06-22-11 08:36 PM