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    BlackBerry is still in the game
    Thursday, October 3 2013

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    THE bold declaration comes from the company?s Territory Sales Manager Caribbean, Kenneth Moore. Moore, a Miami resident who has been with BlackBerry for four years gave this reassurance at an opportune time when BlackBerry, once considered a dominant player in the smartphone market, is facing its darkest days.

    In September, BlackBerry announced steep job cuts and poor financial results amidst news of a new investment strategy. All of this has happened in the year that also saw the roll out of the new BlackBerry 10 operating system along with the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and most recently the Q5 smartphones.

    To those who worry that the BlackBerry smartphone might become a thing of the past, Moore says customers should not panic as BlackBerry is making ?strategic moves? to overcome its financial challenges.

    ?We know there is a lot of uncertainty right now but we want to assure everyone that BlackBerry is here to stay and we are making a significant investment in Trinidad as we always have,? Moore stated during an exclusive interview at the Hyatt Regency, Port-of-Spain last Friday.

    ?We have 70 million active subscribers all over the world. We have $2.6billion in cash with no debt. We are continuing to launch products and the company is functioning and moving forward.?

    Moore said BlackBerry continues to be a popular choice among smartphone users world-wide. The proof, he said, was ?crystal clear? following the ?mad rush? by Android and Apple users to download the company?s signature BBM Instant Chat Application after it was announced that cross-platform versions were to be released on September 21 and 22.

    Next to its corporate device management platform (BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10), BBM is one of BlackBerry?s most prized applications.

    ?What we saw were 1.1 million active users on Android and iPhone rushing to download the application (app).The demand showed that people are still very much interested in BBM,? he said.

    However, BlackBerry was quickly forced to abort that launch due to what Moore said was a leaked version of the app, which appeared online. While he could not give a definite date as to when BlackBerry would be ready to launch BBM across platforms, Moore said,?It will happen.?

    Following the successful launch of the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone earlier this year, Moore said BlackBerry?s Q5 launched last week in Trinidad saw ?very strong sales? with hundreds of devices being bought by customers in a short space of time. He said BlackBerry?s latest offering, the Z30, to be released in November, will also be powered by the BlackBerry 10 operating system and will come equipped with a stunning five inch screen and 25 hours of battery life.

    Well aware that the competition in the smartphone market is no walk in the park, Moore said BlackBerry is also moving to restructure the company and refocus its attention on being a platform for very productive people that have to get business done? at least in the short-term.

    He added, ?That is where our strength has always been and it?s something the company is looking at again.? Moore said ordinary BlackBerry customers would not be greatly affected by the move as there will still always be devices in the high end and low entry segment.

    ?We will march on and continue to enhance our products and portfolios going forward...It?s like Bunji Garlin says, ?We Ready!??

    Rakesh Goswami, executive vice president of Government and Enterprise Services at TSTT, said as it related to the local market, ?BlackBerry continues to be the handset of choice for business customers.? This, he said, was due to BlackBerry providing the most secure network in the world, something BlackBerry has always been able to brag about.

    ?Governments around the world have acknowledged the robustness and security of BlackBerry. It is still the safest and most secure way to communicate,? said Goswami.

    ?BBM is free with a customer?s bundle and even when overseas it can be securely used on WiFi networks to stay connected without incurring roaming charges, making it still a very strong contender in the business world. Even the competitors will admit quietly that BBM is the messaging platform of choice.?

    ?Our relationship with BlackBerry has always been very good and we have been in direct dialogue with them through this turbulent time,? said Goswami, adding that TSTT had hundreds of thousands of loyal BlackBerry customers who continue to renew their contracts. He gave the commitment that TSTT will continue to support BlackBerry going forward in order to ensure that customers can be assured of the best service possible.

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    But they have been sent down to the minor league.
    10-04-13 09:48 AM
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    Does the Mercy Rule apply?
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    10-04-13 10:15 AM
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    This poor guy is being fed a sh*t sandwich and told to tell everyone how delicious it is. Either that, or he BELIEVES the company line, and it's hard to believe that anyone could be so naive.
    10-04-13 10:50 AM
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    Hey, relax troll-maximus.

    The real question here is, does the Z30 come with Instagram? LOL

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    10-05-13 02:39 PM

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