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    As mentioned in my last post, I wanted to give some feedback about the in-store/customer experience from three carriers. Anxious and filled with excitement at finally getting to see the device up close, I went to a mall for my Z10 fix. My first stop brought me to the Rogers store where it was somewhat busy with people who were simply paying bills or addressing cable issues, as I was later told. Not that an explanation was needed because you couldn't help but hear the chatter among customers. Nevertheless I forged my way to the phone display where I saw three Z10 devices, 2 black and 1 white. Of the three only one was on demo mode while the other two were just show models that felt like plastic/cardboard. Since I couldn't do much with the demo, I looked for a Rep to ask for a device I could actually use. Unfortunately, it appeared that only three Reps were on duty to service the many people in the store. Disappointed, I decided to leave and see what Bell had to offer customers.

    At the Bell store things were much more quiet, actually the store was empty save for 7 Reps. Yes, 7!!! I walked up to the device and was greeted by yet another demo mode screen. No less than a minute, one of the Reps approached and asked if they could help, I explained that I would like to see a version that I can use and he said "no problem, let me just see if I have one in the back." After a few minutes, he returned with a Z10, excellent! Sadly it belonged to another Rep and I was instructed not to do anything "crazy" with it. I then said what is the point? I am a customer and I need to try before I buy but you bring me this model because there are none on display like an iPhone or SIII? He apologized but said it was the best he could do. Anyways, I began to ask questions about the device as if I was a novice, this is where failure became rampant. Almost every question I asked was met with an "I don't know", "to be honest…", "we've only had it for a few weeks", "not really sure", and a multitude of other answers that would make a CEO or Sales Manager cringe. Basically, had I been a true novice buyer, this guy lost my business. Alas all was not lost, using the knowledge bestowed upon me by Crackberry and its subscribers, I proceeded to wow the young man. Albeit basic gestures but enough to elicit some wows and oohs from him. How basic? Two finger swipe up for the keyboard, bedside mode, and worst of all peeking into the hub. Amazed at this he asked who I was, I told him I was an interested customer able to adapt to change. On that note I returned the device to him and decided to put Telus to the test before I left the mall that seemed filled with inept Sales Reps.

    Telus was nothing to write home about I was in and out of there faster than the European diamond heist. Two more dummy devices, white and black, greeted me on display. I approached a Rep and asked her to see a device I could use, she said she had to get one from the back (why are all the working products in the back?). I said no problem and waited for about a minute before she returned to tell me "unfortunately someone forgot to put the phone to charge last night and I just put it to charge so if you stop by later it will be ready". I don't have to tell you my reaction, you decide.

    I will leave it to you all to give comment on this experience. Perhaps you have stories of your own. Nevertheless I sum up my experience as one of disappointment. There was clearly no training provided let alone useable devices and it highlighted the disconnect between BlackBerry and the customer. For a company that doesn't have a stand alone store like Apple or Samsung, you would think they would have done a better job. But I digress. My trip was fun as usual and I was able to see the Z10. Thanks for reading the BlackBerry in Society series.
    02-20-13 07:19 PM
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    Jump.ca where I got my device was funny as they charge $25 to train you on your device when you purchase it. The guy setting up my services didn't even hold the device for this and I told him how to navigate thru the device and showed him the HUB and keyboard and basic gestures... I then told him that would be $25 for instructing him on how to use the device, he chuckled and I never got my $25... lol
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    02-20-13 07:31 PM
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    No matter how you look at it. People who work at cell phone stores are making 10-15$ an hour. They couldnt care less about the customer. They know about iphones and galaxy 3's because they've been around for years and nothings changed with there OS. And most likely have used the phones themselves.

    Granted demo phones would be nice. I remember on launch day future shop and telus had no BB10 display at all. I still bought one though. Never underestimate the value of crackberry. If you ever wonder how they manage to give away a 100 phones, my guess is Blackberry is supplying them. Team crackberry support all the way from the top.
    02-21-13 01:01 AM
  4. Emu the Foo's Avatar
    I like to support blackberry and CrackBerry.
    02-21-13 02:00 AM
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    If I might add, I went to Best Buy Mobile store the other day. There was a device on display (locked on demo status). I felt a little disappointed but right when I was about to leave, a rep came up and told me that he actually has a working unit. Now I must say he was rather enthusiastic about it, he seemed to know his stuff (the hub, the swipe up texting, etc). He filled me in all the things I needed to know about the Z10.

    At least competent reps still exist out there!
    02-21-13 02:12 AM

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