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    heres my dataplan

    This is a cross post from the Blackberry Geeral Discussion. I thought that it might do more good over here.n

    I discovered this almost by accident.

    I have an 8100 that I keep as a spare phone. It has a Pay-As-You-Go SIM card in it from the UK. I live in Switzerland so the setup is about as far away from the Backberry norm as you could wish.

    I installed Opera-Mini on this phone by mistake. I had be fooling with my 8310 (which does have a data plan) and OM got installed on the 8100 as an oversight.

    ment to type contract not contact
    I looked on the operamini site for the correct APN setting for the carrier in question and the 8100 connected to the internet first time.

    So why did this work? The key is Opera-Mini and the fact that RIM refuses to give OM access to the RIM internet. This means that even without a data plan OM can access the internet.

    Without a plan, the cost per megabyte will be really high and this method is definitetly NOT reccomended other than for testing and very occasional use.

    Noetheless, it does work.

    So if you've got no data plan in place, download Opera-Mini to your PC, install it on your phone using Desktop Manager,.
    Go now to operamini.com/help/connect/ to find the correct APN setting for your country/carrier. Put this data into OPtions, Advanced Options, TCP and you are all set.
    - pete6

    will aim msn n txt work with this and a prepaided sim card for voice/calls? or no?

    everything should work except for the push e-mail and bbIM right?
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    is this right?
    06-19-08 12:27 AM
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    is this right?
    if pete wrote that, I'd be inclined to belive it's true
    06-19-08 12:31 AM
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    does the aim work without a dataplan or naw?
    06-19-08 09:21 AM