04-30-14 11:11 PM
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    It's simple business. Google allows BlackBerry access... BlackBerry users can then login or create a Google account and have at it. same with Apple.

    If I own a grocery chain as well as you, you best believe that your customers are welcome to shop at my stores. If I have a website that sells products (shop Crackberry for instance) , and say another competitor doesn't but has a user base, why wouldn't Kevin allow that websites users to spend money with them? Or vice versa?

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    First, Apple and Google have completely different business models. So you can't say that a good potential partnership with one implies a good potential partnership with the other.

    Apple makes money on hardware. Licensing all of the iOS frameworks to BlackBerry would sell no hardware for them and might even undermine their own hardware sales. So that is absolutely a non-starter. I've not sold a single share of Apple stock in 20 years now, but I would start selling mine immediately if Cook et al. did something this stupid.

    Google, OTOH, I could understand. They are an advertising company, and they are driven by collecting data. So that could work IF they could be convinced that it is worth the effort and risk for such a small number of users. The risk to them is this: they are pushing as hard as they can to maintain control of the overall Android experience. What damage is done to the OHA and Google's leverage there if Google goes off and does a side deal with BlackBerry enabling effectively full access to the Android ecosystem on non-Android phones?

    It may be worthwhile for Google IFF BlackBerry had a significant number of BB10 users that were enticing enough to Google. As it stands now, Google already activates more Android devices from OHA members in a few days than BB has activated since BB10 launch. Right now with these numbers, I can't see Google moving forward on this outside of the OHA.

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    04-26-14 07:23 PM
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    If they do that then their identity in the phone market is lost forever.

    Each has its own identity and should

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    04-28-14 05:06 PM
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    The only way that QNX can "run" iOS apps is if there is an iPhone plugged into it. The app runs on the iPhone and the QNX dash device display the screen and passes along touch inputs.
    Sorry but qnx can very well run an ipa as much as windows can.

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    04-28-14 08:12 PM
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    Sorry but qnx can very well run an ipa as much as windows can.
    I'd like to see any examples of CarPlay running on a QNX dash unit without an iPhone plugged into it.
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    04-30-14 12:23 AM
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    Sorry but qnx can very well run an ipa as much as windows can.

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    What about UIKit, Foundation, and all of the other frameworks that an actual iOS app requires?

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