1. AdamMc90's Avatar

    Bit of a specific question this one - hopefully somebody can help!

    I am on call for work meaning I have a work mobile phone, currently its a very old company issued nokia that has a tendancy to break. I would like to upgrade this by buying a Blackberry and just putting my work sim in this phone, this would be a lot better for me for emails etc, and the BBM feature would be quite useful for me as well. I used to have a peronsal blackberry and at the time it was 5 a month for Blackberry services which I would need (I assume this is still the case) is there a way I could contact RIM and pay the 5 personally or does it have to be connected through the contract as my employer pays the calls etc but wouldn't pay for these services.

    Hope that made sense! Thanks in advance.
    02-20-12 04:52 AM
  2. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    You don't say what country you are in or what service provider you are on, but will assume that you are in the UK based on the denomination you used.

    You cannot pay RIM directly for the BlackBerry services. Service all run through the carrier/service provider. So you will need to go through them. And if you are not the one paying the overall account, most likely the employer will need to authorize the change with the service provider.
    02-20-12 06:38 AM