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    After 30 plus years of being a Hawks fan, I came to realize that the similarities between my favorite NFL team, and my favorite hand set maker, were pretty amazing.( well, @ least for the last 6 years anyway, lol) both have been treated like ugly step kids, no one wants to see or hear from. A certain stigma was associated with being a Seahawks Fan, and even more so, when I pulled out my 9000/9700/9900/Q10! As we've just witnessed, the Seattle Seahawks have erased any doubt as to their legitimacy as one of the greatest to ever touch a football. It feels awesome, and I will relish this moment forever, but I feel that this is also the year that erases the OTHER falsehood I've had to deal with for @ least the last 5 years: THAT BLACKBERRY is NOT the greatest SMARTPHONE EVER! I believe Mr. Chen will continue to help me with this. More than EVER I'm excited to be a HAWKS fan, and proud BlackBerry owner/addict, lol


    Vienna's original BlackBerry abuser
    02-03-14 07:58 AM
  2. KemKev's Avatar
    Rooting for the underdog was a lot of fun. Only a "mediocre" quarterback and "pedestrian" receivers. huh?

    Congratulations and do go out and celebrate responsibly
    02-03-14 08:09 AM
  3. DjDante's Avatar
    Congrats to the Seahawks
    But that was a terrible superbowl lol

    I really want to believe in Mr Chen it's going to be a tough mountain to climb.

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    02-03-14 08:11 AM
  4. davinci4real's Avatar
    Lol. I can say the same for my soccer team too in the English premiership
    Arsenal have been thought of as nonsense. And now (as of this very moment). They are top.
    Looks like this year is the year for underdogs

    From Zuri my Z10.
    02-03-14 09:46 AM
  5. early2bed's Avatar
    Congrats on your team winning the Super Bowl for the first time ever. I don't think that you can expect to parlay that success to other underdogs in your life, however. The NFL has several mechanisms to keep competition somewhat level among teams such as the salary cap and the draft order.

    The smartphone business isn't really like that. For a while, the US carriers were trying to prop up the underdogs in order to keep the hardware companies, mostly Apple, from gaining too much power over them. They tried to prop up Palm for a while but that didn't work. Now that there's a healthy duopoly and, perhaps, a third player, Windows Phone, in the mix, I don't know if they feel that they need Blackberry.

    For every NFL team, no matter what their record, there's always next year. Not so for technology companies. Once you're out there usually is no coming back.
    02-03-14 10:00 AM
  6. FlashFlare11's Avatar
    Wow, nice, OP! I've been drawing the same parallels between BlackBerry and my favorite sportsman, Roger Federer. Both are stories of kings of their field being deposed of and forced to adapt and make changes to survive. For Federer, that were some new, more aggressive tactics, a larger racquet frame, and a couple new coaches. For BlackBerry, that was a new OS, new hardware, and a couple new CEOs.

    Both are still down and are considered out, but only a few can see the potential upside in these former kings. Both captivate me like none other (BlackBerry's devices and Federer's tennis) so I'll continue to support both!

    Posted via CB10
    02-03-14 11:52 AM
  7. enik's Avatar
    Yea I wanted the sea hawks to win but not like that! It was like whenever Georgia plays Appalachian tech!

    Posted via CB10
    02-04-14 09:53 PM
  8. viennabb's Avatar
    Lol, it's Pete, he finally has the constructive freedom to do it his way. Just like Mr. Chen, whom I believe will certainly continue to let his actions speak for him.

    Vienna's original ? abuser
    02-05-14 12:31 AM
  9. viennabb's Avatar
    BlackBerry and Seahawks both 2014 Champs-img_20140205_135918.jpg
    BlackBerry and Seahawks both 2014 Champs-img_20140205_140527.jpg
    BlackBerry and Seahawks both 2014 Champs-img_20140205_140545.jpg

    Vienna's original BlackBerry abuser
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    02-05-14 07:20 PM
  10. viennabb's Avatar
    THIS IS OUR MOMENT, and, as Pete Carroll said: This is just the beginning.

    Vienna's original BlackBerry abuser
    02-05-14 07:21 PM
  11. TheQ805's Avatar
    This is a really goofy thread...

    Teams go in cycles. they're good...then not so good...then good again.

    Just like EVERY other team, the cost of personnel will force sacrifices. Welcome to watching the NFL.
    02-05-14 09:18 PM
  12. viennabb's Avatar
    This is OUR TIME, many teams, many Hand-set makers, but we find ourselves always rooting for what we deem the best. In this particular place in time, it's the 12's turn, and I still strongly believe that BlackBerry will have its resurgence truly begin this year as well.

    Vienna's original BlackBerry abuser
    02-05-14 09:28 PM
  13. TheQ805's Avatar
    ok. enjoy it.
    02-06-14 04:15 PM
  14. Meaty123's Avatar
    Ya. It was unreal how well they destroyed the Broncos. Not a Seahawks but kudos to them for having a better game plan and came out a winner.

    Sent from the best touch keyboard, the Z.
    02-07-14 08:22 AM
  15. krispowers's Avatar
    BlackBerry and Seahawks both 2014 Champs-img_20140205_205822.jpg

    HAWK NATION! TEAM BLACKBERRY! I'm with you OP! SEA-HAWKS! Photo taken with the great BlackBerry Z10. Rolling with BlackBerry since the 8310.

    Posted via CB10
    02-07-14 04:21 PM
  16. krispowers's Avatar
    BlackBerry and Seahawks both 2014 Champs-img_20140205_174731_edit.png

    Our "appetizer" "pedestrian" Wide Receiver group.

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    02-07-14 04:24 PM
  17. viennabb's Avatar

    Vienna's original BlackBerry abuser
    02-07-14 05:02 PM
  18. krispowers's Avatar
    How about a flagship Z50 from BlackBerry (wishful thinking) and signing all of the free agents we need to keep this Seahawks squad together. April 21st = spring ota's. Go Hawks!

    Posted via CB10
    02-07-14 05:06 PM
  19. KemKev's Avatar
    How about a flagship Z50 from BlackBerry (wishful thinking) and signing all of the free agents we need to keep this Seahawks squad together. April 21st = spring ota's. Go Hawks!
    I don't know about signing all the Hawks free agents but I think a Z50 is a distinct possiblity....
    02-08-14 08:58 AM
  20. Ammar Falah's Avatar
    Arsenal plays football
    Seahawks plays eggball

    Posted via CB10
    02-09-14 02:34 PM
  21. The Aficionado's Avatar
    Some day, blackberry will own other smartphones, to the same degree the seahawks did the super bowl

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    02-11-14 09:11 PM
  22. paranee2's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    02-11-14 09:40 PM
  23. Ammar Falah's Avatar
    I always thought American football should be called "Yard Ball" Since everything is measured in yards.
    Anything but football, they barely use their feet

    Posted via CB10
    02-22-14 03:58 PM

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