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    Thank you RIM!

    Two weeks ago my turbo blew up on the motorway. Pretty nasty but I've got roadside cover so no problem. Just need to phone them. With my iPhone I failed to get sufficient reception as the point I broke down is well known to patchy reception.

    Not only do I need to charge the iPhone regularly as the battery runs out pretty quickly. But the charging cable was not there. I forgot to charge my BB as well but thanks to the incredible battery (2days running with BBMM) I was able to make the life saving call to the AA my and had some battery left to inform the garage of my arrival. I sent a message on BBM and Facebook and got some recovery and plans for the evening on the way. I started to looking for new turbos on the go and managed to find one.

    Without the BB in this case this wouldn't have been possible. Thank you RIM. Power to the people!
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    10-02-11 02:13 PM
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    Very cool to hear, glad everything was ok! :-)
    10-02-11 08:03 PM
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    I am on verizon so I'm not sure this would be the same. But I used an AT&T iphone and because it was in a low spot, it was only on edge, but surprisingly I had more service and faster page loads then my Verizon 9330. I am starting to want a iphone.
    10-02-11 08:50 PM
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    You mean you want an Itoy lol.

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    10-03-11 12:38 AM