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    Hello Everyone,

    I saw a few posts asking which BlackBerry is the best one for them so I made a little video (I've been doing that a lot since I got my Playbook ;-)) since I'm fortunate to have access to the three OS7 - 1.2Ghz BB's.

    Hope this helps those of you trying to decide which one to get.

    By the way, we can all read the specs on screen resolution and such things so I focused on things that are not seen on a spec sheet. Also, I'm sure other CrackBerry members know 10x as much on this issue so feel free to make comments.

    video Which BB is right for me?

    1. I said my wife did not want a touch screen. I mean physical keyboard.
    2. I said that the Bold did not allow for sending a BBM from the inbox (all your e-mail accounts), which is true but it does allow it from the actual e-mail (not the inbox), which is what the other two phones had set-up on the home screen. However, you still have to use the menu and the Torch 9810 has the easiest pop-up menu for that.

    I think the Bold 9930 is a great all around workhorse. The 5MP camera works well in certain conditions but not others. It takes great outdoor pictures or pictures of multiple objects but it does not take pictures of close-ups (barcodes or objects less than a meter away IMO) as well as the AF on the Torches. Here are a couple of pics on that.

    Bold 9930. Notice that the wine bottle at the top left is actually quite clear. Even though it is not the focus of the pictures. I kind of like that. So the Bold does well here. However, in the Bold 9930 Close Up. You can see that the picture is not as clear as the AF one and it gets less clear as you approach a really short range picture such as a barcode. So, if you need to take pictures of bar codes then the Bold may not be the best. For most other stuff it is more than enough.

    Anyway, that is it for now. I hope someone finds this helpful.
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    You own a Honda don't you....

    Nice write up thanks.
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    My Honda remote allows me to open my trunk.
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