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    Hey guys i am doing a research about Blackberry's impact on the society and culture of specifically "UAE" United Arab Emirates. and i found this forum as a perfect place to actually ask such question.
    So i am guessing only the Blackberry messenger users in the UAE can answer this,
    what negative impacts does it have on the society and culture of the UAE? society and culture of UAE could be such as not much interaction between the opposite genders, now that bbm is available its kinda easier for the opposite genders to interact, is it a problem?
    What have it done to the country that has caused harm and not everyone is taking it serious or being aware of it ? such as theyab (may god bless his soul) who is the football player who died in car crash due to the BBM ?

    i stress again i am concentrating on the BLACKBERRY MESSENGER (BBM) not blackberry

    thanks id appreciate some replies
    05-07-12 01:33 AM