03-04-11 04:55 PM
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    Verizon now offers tiered data plans, so you do not have to pay $29.99 for data. UNLESS you want unlimited data. For $15 they offer data up to 150 mb. Unless you watch lots of videos or use the internet heavily, this plan could be good for you. I don't use the internet on my Tour often, so this plan is perfect.

    I must recommend the Tour (9630) as an EXCELLENT phone. It came out almost 2 years ago so you should be able to find one at a really good price I bought my husband one on ebay (bought many phones from ebay) for about $130. This one was advertised as used, in brand new condition. We got it and this phone was absolutely shiny new-looking and has performed flawlessly.

    If you are willing to buy one that's a bit beat up, then the price goes down. My husband's Tour came with OS 5.0 on it, while other Tours may still have OS 4.7. Of course, you can look on this website if you're curious as to the difference in Operating Systems.

    Since the Bold 9650 (is actually an upgrade from the Tour 9630 but they decided to call it a Bold) is new, it will be more expensive to buy on ebay, craigslist...compare prices. And please look up YouTube videos on the Tour - this may be a reasonably priced, quality phone that does the same things as the newer ones.

    The Tour is such a quality phone. I love mine and don't even want to upgrade, as the BB keyboard phones' exterior look similar.
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    the tour is not near as good as the bold. it lacks some features like wifi and OS 6 and the build quality is kinda sketchy many tours
    03-04-11 10:53 AM
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    But for some, having OS 6 is not a concern. And some don't care for wifi when a data plan does the trick. It all depends on your individual needs.

    These are opinions and so you think the Bold is better. It's better for YOU and maybe not better for someone else. For MY needs, the Tour is an excellent phone, that's why I posted what I posted.

    The latest phone doesn't mean it's the greatest for everyone.
    03-04-11 01:27 PM
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    Although I do understand why you suggested the Tour, I just cant wrap my head around not having a BB with wifi capablities if I do not have an unlimited Data plan with the phone, although i have heard that data consumption is not nearly as much as say an android phone but still something to consider given the situation.

    Also, In my opinion, buying a device right now that doesnt have a trackpad or OS6 capablities is something i do find senseless. Although if i just want BBM and Texting would OS5 be ssomething i really have to worry about it?

    Thanks again guys

    03-04-11 04:55 PM
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