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    I see most of you are open to the idea of a new slider device. I conceptualised the BlackBerry Q15; a slider device that sliders both in landscape and portrait, because essentially both are the same, and better yet, it's compact and water resistant.

    BlackBerry Q15 - Compact Slider-blackberry-q15.jpg
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    03-06-14 01:20 PM
  2. yard407's Avatar

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    03-06-14 02:10 PM
  3. opteron7's Avatar
    Meh, sorry.

    Reminds of a window phone that was released years back it was such a fail.

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    03-06-14 02:18 PM
  4. quiestbml's Avatar
    Looks like the Kin.

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    03-06-14 08:23 PM
  5. TylerXIII's Avatar
    It's an interesting concept. It's nice, good job! Though I'm kinda wondering what market you'd be aiming this at ?

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    03-06-14 08:31 PM
  6. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    **** no. Never.
    03-06-14 08:39 PM
  7. opteron7's Avatar
    Looks like the Kin.

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    Yup that's the one...

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    03-06-14 10:46 PM
  8. velkod's Avatar
    Nope. Maybe if it slid upwards. No sidekick style
    03-07-14 03:15 AM
  9. armanatron's Avatar
    BlackBerry Q15 - Compact Slider-283925-microsoft-kin-twom.jpg

    I actually had the Kin TWOm. Besides the random glitches of not receiving some text messages, I actually liked the phone a lot

    Sent from my BlackBerry Z30
    03-07-14 06:56 AM
  10. all3n7's Avatar
    Oh! Hell NO!

    "Initiated from my Q10 "
    03-07-14 11:51 AM
  11. D_Gui's Avatar
    It's an interesting concept. It's nice, good job! Though I'm kinda wondering what market you'd be aiming this at ?
    Well, since I am based in South Africa, the idea would work quite well in emerging markets, at least in my eyes. The locals would eat that thing up for breakfast. Low end device that is compact and rugged.
    03-07-14 12:27 PM
  12. Rayed Siddiqui's Avatar

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    03-08-14 02:29 AM
  13. yhamaie's Avatar
    With clumsy fingers I would like to obtain a device which comes with a sideways-sliding keyboard bigger than classic BlackBerry keyboards.

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    03-08-14 06:24 AM
  14. BroncoVAL's Avatar
    Looks like the Kin.

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    And we all know how it ended...
    If Blackberry wants to do worst than last year here is the way to go... (Microsoft already tried tiny keyboard and unusable screen estate, I think it's the tech product that lived the shortest time ever... 2 months and it was terminated, they sold less than 10000 devices... kind of a collector device)

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    03-08-14 06:53 AM
  15. Pilot Prop's Avatar
    Im really not a fan of this design. It may appeal to a younger crowd(pending app selection).

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    03-08-14 07:47 AM
  16. StoicEngineer's Avatar
    I think that this would sell well to younger people who are mainly into social apps. Small, easy to pocket, yet with a full keyboard, it works.

    Prosumer can stay away, LOL.

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    03-08-14 08:42 AM
  17. D_Gui's Avatar
    How about a CrackBerry edition?
    BlackBerry Q15 - Compact Slider-crackberry-q15.jpg
    03-08-14 09:06 AM
  18. KporalBoyQ10's Avatar
    I really don't know like this concept

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    03-08-14 11:39 AM
  19. willyq711's Avatar
    A Slider from the side or bottom allowing for Z10 screen size... YES!

    This Q15 Concept... NO!

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    03-08-14 12:15 PM
  20. deadcowboy's Avatar
    I love the concept and the colour. I'd prefer to see the keyboard slide down, however. It'd also be cool if it answered a call when it slid down (like an old Nokia slider phone from the Matrix movie).

    Further, the keyboard is necessary for real use, as a virtual keyboard would be impossible to fit on such a small screen (with a texting page or something--it's small enough as is).

    If the phone was spring loaded and popped open to unlock the phone or answer a call, or closed to hang up a call, I'd buy this in a heartbeat. Though, I'd want it in black.
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    03-08-14 01:22 PM
  21. D_Gui's Avatar
    A Slider from the side or bottom allowing for Z10 screen size... YES!
    I'll get to work boss.
    03-08-14 01:36 PM
  22. D_Gui's Avatar
    Did a Z15 (widescreen) concept too: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe.../#post10096878
    03-08-14 02:11 PM

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