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    A friend of mine is a big fan of the Teen Wolf show on MTV. At the end of the episode yesterday night she spotted one of the character's using a BlackBerry Q10. She snapped a pic of it and sent it to me. Terrible pic, but you can definitely tell it's a Q10 without any BlackBerry branding, but there is a small AT&T logo below the keyword.

    BlackBerry Q10 Spotted in Teen Wolf-img_00001213.jpg

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    01-28-14 03:29 AM
  2. Arny cua's Avatar
    Officer stilinski uses this ahahha..

    Posted via CB10
    01-28-14 03:54 AM
  3. IamTheHost2's Avatar
    Lol, and I spotted Alison with a Z10 texting Scott
    02-11-14 04:41 PM
  4. dobiefan's Avatar
    I saw Leonardo Dicaprio at the Oscar nominee photo op taking pictures
    With his Q10.

    Posted via CB10
    02-11-14 05:18 PM
  5. sentimentGX4's Avatar
    Teen Wolf is the best show ever.

    And there are tons of smartphone product placement on there... but mostly for Samsung since Scott uses a Galaxy. Stiles traded in his Lumia 920 for an HTC One this season. Kira has aLumia 1020, though, and it was featured heavily a couple episodes ago.
    02-11-14 06:06 PM

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