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    I currently have a HTC Apache (XV6700), running Windows Mobile 6 (PocketPC). The problems in synchronizing to my Exchange server (it hangs on calendar now) are driving me nuts and there's no solution in sight. I'm considering switching to the BlackBerry Curve because my IT dept says it's more solid and stable (with respect to OS, performance, and PIM synchronization), although I was pretty happy with this device. As near as I can tell, the Curve has the same hardware features (plus a true GPS). What about available software? I need to know about stability of the platform, battery lifetime, available software, etc. I want the biggest screen possible (is the Curve the one?), and will be using wifi, camera, cell phone internet access, etc. Does it open Microsoft Word documents (Excel, etc.)? Any comparison thoughts would be appreciated.

    01-30-08 08:23 PM