1. blackBerry1106's Avatar
    Hello basicly i have a Blackberry curve 9320 which was working fine, until one day my battety fell out in my pocket and now everytime i put it back it back in it comes up with a battery with a red X through it. I know its the battery because my mates batterry worked fine in my phone. I havent done anything to ilikr water damage just confused why it wont work. iv tryed it with a charger in still dont work need help ASAP thank you
    06-14-13 07:38 AM
  2. RohrohrohURboat's Avatar
    The battery is broke mate, sorry. The drop must have damaged it internally. Time for a new battery or z10.

    Welcome by the way.
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    06-14-13 08:27 AM
  3. Berry_Pink's Avatar
    ebay sell some nice cheap OEM batteries so dont worry it wont be expensive to replace BLACKBERRY JS1 BATTERY FOR CURVE 9220 9230 9310 9315 9320 BAT-44582-003 | eBay or as rohroh mentions you can always upgrade to the latest and greatest (theres a physical keyboard version too if touch screen isnt to your taste)
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    06-14-13 08:31 AM
  4. blackBerry1106's Avatar
    But i didnt drop it from height it just fell out of my phone, was all working until then it has 1 red line through it jut dont understand how it is not working
    06-14-13 10:59 AM
  5. RohrohrohURboat's Avatar
    It won't take much, batteries are usually protected by the phone, and not necessarily made to be robust just light and small.

    CB have new batteries here for about $27.00(plus shipping)
    06-16-13 06:43 AM
  6. Amber Saddam's Avatar
    Shipping plus cost comes to 2700kenya shillings right?

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    03-17-16 06:44 PM

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