1. MPHIII's Avatar
    I am new so apologies if I am posting incorrectly. I have a client that is using a BlackBerry Phone he has a POP email account set up and uses Outlook for mail client. BlackBerry syncs with his Mail, his question is from his Blackberry when he sends mail can the sent mail sync with his outlook. I do not think it can but I am looking for clarification Thanks Morris
    08-11-11 01:56 PM
  2. DaveHugh's Avatar
    I use POP email on my Torch and run Outlook as the email account manager for that account on my computer. The two do not synch when I send email. Incoming shows on both devices, of course.
    I don't think you can set things up for the two devices to automatically synch your outgoing emails. Any correction would be appreciated as I would like to have a record of the "Sent" email from the Blackberry.
    08-11-11 02:27 PM
  3. mark-d's Avatar
    There are two options

    1 Suggest he uses IMAP if possible instead op POP

    2 If IMAP is not an option then set up an invisible bcc for sent items from the email setup. Setup a rule to stop them appearing in your BB mail and a rule in outlook to move them to sent items
    08-11-11 06:29 PM