11-22-16 02:48 AM
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  1. bowless1's Avatar
    OS 10, kick *** camera and more storage(SD).

    Posted via CB10
    03-10-14 09:01 PM
  2. J2daR's Avatar
    I would probably be the 1st in line to buy one or two of em'. BlackBerry please push this concept asap!

    Posted via CB10
    03-10-14 09:25 PM
  3. CommanderElvis's Avatar
    You nailed it.

    Posted via CB10
    03-10-14 09:34 PM
  4. mnmikeinsc's Avatar
    Love it. Nice work ! I would buy one.....maybe not at full price, I would try to exercise some patience and wait for the price to drop - aka what I did not do when I bought my 64GB PB - at Dulles International on my way to Qatar.
    03-10-14 09:49 PM
  5. Santigutz14's Avatar
    Sweet concept! Would suggest possible external keyboard attachment and using qualcomms latest octacore 64-bit processor. And then a marketing campaign like no other.

    Posted via CB10
    03-10-14 10:20 PM
  6. MrGabriel's Avatar
    I LOVE the home screen. Active frames on top with the apps on the bottom half of the screen...I love it.
    03-10-14 10:22 PM
  7. Spook 64's Avatar
    This is nice, add a camera light. That would be the only addition I would like to see.

    Posted via CB10
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    03-10-14 10:26 PM
  8. wincyUt's Avatar
    Printing with wifi printer. Cuz i find its a must on BB10. I cant even print directly with my Z10 on a wifi printer.
    Yes you can by downloading your printer app from Snap or Amazon app store and configuring to your wifi printer. Or you could find out what your printer email address is and emailing the docs to it.
    03-10-14 10:32 PM
  9. wincyUt's Avatar
    Great job OP. I especially love the back of the tablet.
    03-10-14 10:33 PM
  10. nabil114's Avatar
    It looks nice.
    03-10-14 10:35 PM
  11. bob beausoleil's Avatar
    Many of us invested heavily in the original playbook. I would like to see it upgraded to os10. We are the ones who have supported BlackBerry during their darkest hours. Don't sell us down the river

    Posted via CB10
    03-10-14 10:56 PM
  12. early2bed's Avatar
    This new Playbook should be called The Caveat because everyone who is 100% on board has a caveat. One guy will buy it if it's less than $500. The next guy wants 20 hours of battery life. Yet another wants all of "the most popular apps" ready at launch. Finally, a trade-in offer for previous Playbook owners will seal the deal.
    flyingsolid likes this.
    03-10-14 11:05 PM
  13. axllebeer's Avatar
    This new Playbook should be called The Caveat because everyone who is 100% on board has a caveat. One guy will buy it if it's less than $500. The next guy wants 20 hours of battery life. Yet another wants all of "the most popular apps" ready at launch. Finally, a trade-in offer for previous Playbook owners will seal the deal.
    I still use my PlayBook daily. But, I just want this one to be done right.

    Posted with my CB10 using the power of " Q "
    03-10-14 11:51 PM
  14. velkod's Avatar
    I really don't know why ppl need tablets. It's your phone but bigger. I dunno. I don't get it. I had an ipad awhile back n never used it :s Meh.
    03-11-14 12:07 AM
  15. ioan_calin's Avatar
    Bring it on! Will buy one in a heartbeat!
    03-11-14 03:43 AM
  16. D_Gui's Avatar
    Nice idea, but the design is essentially an iPad Mini without the home button and a different rear. The screen resolution also makes it a pain for devs and opens fragmentation issues. I'd still buy one any day...
    03-11-14 04:01 AM
  17. Konrad Andree Nordvik's Avatar
    If this was to come it would establish BlackBerry as a company with a mission to take back lost ground and much much more. To put it this way, a product with these specs in 2014 would make a number og manufacturers very uncomfortable. BlackBerry needs to do this.

    Posted via CB10
    03-11-14 04:33 AM
  18. Konrad Andree Nordvik's Avatar
    PS. Today's PlayBook needs to be updated with OS10 so that existing user don't feel let down and show the market that BlackBerry is a serious company who takes care of its customers. If a new PlayBook was to come out (which they should do) then it could be an idea to rename the product so that it doesn't sound like a name for a toy but a serious tool for consumers and professionals.

    Posted via CB10
    03-11-14 04:44 AM
  19. jojon2se's Avatar
    I'd prefer to keep the 7 to 8 inch, fully dynamically reorientable and reflowing, but primarily landscape, form factor, of the old PB, as well as most of the UI look, layout, and operation paradigms of the old TabletOS -- One size does not quite fit all, and even with that argument flipped around, against my point, I feel some things were regrettably lost between PB and BB10.

    It strikes me that one should (technically - whether one want to may be another matter) be able to fit aaalmost three full application views on screen simultaneously, of the orientation not currently used, for inter-app multitasking -- scaled, but still; With high enough resolution, and especially when running apps designed, with no- to bad scalability, for the phone form factor...

    (On a mostly unrelated matter; BB10 really needs a proper subsystem for printing directly from apps, especially should there be another foray into the tablet space.)
    03-11-14 04:47 AM
  20. Rasheed White's Avatar
    lcd is better than amoled. i know, it's a battery guzzler, but, you get a better display
    03-11-14 07:37 AM
  21. toneytone's Avatar
    God we need another tablet soon. This concept is on point. Great job bro.

    Posted via Z30 C0002FDEF
    03-11-14 08:20 AM
  22. TamamAlti's Avatar
    BlackBerry PlayBook 2 (Concept)-shut-up-take-my-money.jpg
    Lovely concept, good job!
    velkod and toneytone like this.
    03-11-14 08:53 AM
  23. megajo123's Avatar
    Smells like death. As much as I want another BlackBerry Tablet...we all have to agree that all it would bring is DEATH
    03-11-14 09:07 AM
  24. Tim Heard's Avatar
    The future phone is going to have an octa-core processor. ... Plenty of processing speed. Why not just release a dummy tablet that
    runs off the phone's apps? Something like the Asus Padfone. You could add a huge battery, and even a backlit keyboard as an option, and still offer it at a very reasonable price.
    I am not certain if it's technically possible, but you could probably even set it up so it could be used as either a bluetooth device or an attached device.
    I suspect that with the processing power that the new phones will have, it could even multitask in bluetooth mode, so that you could be doing one thing on the phone, and another on the tablet.
    I'd buy something like that in a heartbeat.
    03-11-14 09:24 AM
  25. steph_briere's Avatar
    Being probably among the top Playbook lover...
    - I wouldn't change its size. I originnaly bought it for its portability.
    - Better contact and email management but if it goes with BB10 OS, problem solved.

    *** I bought my PB last year and wanted to use it for my coaching duty... Since then I have searched so much for a real coaching app, but couldn't find anything. If BB would invest in developing such app for PB 2, I would buy it right away.
    03-11-14 10:31 AM
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