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    I was wondering around Google news for BlackBerry and came across this- How a BlackBerry could be the phone of my dreams - CNET I was thinking of this kind of device not as a phone but tablet. It's a beautiful device, BlackBerry loves their keyboards etc, but as much of a good phone this is why not turn it into a 10" tablet? Keyboard touch capacity for a mouse. This would be an amazing and different kind of tablet (screen should lift up tho). Anyone else think this would make a good tablet? John Chen did say they would only bring in a tablet that has a purpose and is different. Preferably with bb10 os on it (but modified as a tablet use-similar to PlayBook-)

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    02-13-16 02:20 PM
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    As a phone, I'd prefer the Priv. I am a sucker for the coolness factor of sliding open and close the phone to answer and end calls. This wouldn't work with the landscape slider. Also, people can criticize the keyboard for being small and cramped but when you use an old legacy device, it will feel the same way at first. It's designed in such a way that all of the keys are easily pressed individually, even if they are only 1/3rd the size of the tip of your thumb. Having the option to use it one handed (as a phone) is also a big plus for many people, not available in the landscape orientation.

    As a tablet, I think it would make a great design! I agree that the screen would have to lift up somehow (possibly have a nice 'kickstand' type piece to keep it elevated and have the proper viewing angle for doing serious work). The problem with this is that I think Microsoft has the edge here, bringing their desktop OS into a more mobile-friendly world. Android has more apps, sure, but for serious business apps (word, excel, outlook, etc.) Microsoft wins. If BlackBerry ever did venture into the tablet realm, I would think that it would serve them well to continue on with their cross platform strategy and not just cop-out with Android for their tablet OS. Get the HUB working on Windows, secure that platform as well. Leave Apple to keep milking their own dying cow and invest in all of the other platforms out there.
    02-13-16 02:47 PM

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