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    Hello All! I'm going to start by saying I'm a newbie so I appologize if this is in the wrong area.

    I've been searching all night for the answer to a question, I'm hoping you guys can help me out a bit.

    I fell in love with a friends Blackberry Pearl today. This thing is sweet. Anyway- I currently have US Cellular, but my contract expired yesterday, so I'm wanting to get service through Alltel.

    In checking Alltel's website, it seems you can only get the pearl if you obtain Internet with it. I really dont want Internet or E-mail on my phone, but really want (no NEED) a Pearl. Is this possible? Does anyone know if I can get a 2 year contract (Family Choice plan) without Internet and get the Pearl. (I assume it will cost more to purchase- but that is fine)

    Any Help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    06-02-08 01:03 AM
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    With alltel you are no able longer to have a blackberry on the account without a smart choice plan. (internet plan) The store will not let u buy the phone without you changing the plan. If by sheer luck or u get a rep that doesnt make u take the plan then alltel has a audit team and they go through accounts and if they see that u dont have that plan they will automaticly put a internet on your phone and they will charge you for that. Its 44.00 for internet if the audit team catches you. Policy is that u must have the plan. It might not be right away, it can take a week,month or a few months but they do catch on. If they place the code on the account for the interent and u call in to remove it they wont and they will not give u credit for it either.
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    06-02-08 01:44 AM
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    Thanks . . . Maybe Alltel will not get my business then. I'll have to check with US Cellular then to see if they will allow it. Thanks for the heads up.
    06-02-08 02:02 AM