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    OK once again BlackBerry is going to be out shined like always. Why release a phone the same time Apple is rumored to release the icrap6 (Thinner Lighter and Faster) (inside information lol). BlackBerry again and again releases a great device but it's ALWAYS shadowed by the Apple Hype. As much as I want the phone tomorrow I think it's best to release this beast 1 month before or 1 month after BUT NEVER the same time as an Apple launch . You would think BlackBerry has learned from the past. CNN would definitely run a story on the Passport BUT it won't happen because Apple would have stolen that show. You can't catch anyone's attention when apple is about to release more innovative useless crap.

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    08-11-14 10:37 PM
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    Because they don't really care about the consumer market now?
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    08-11-14 10:41 PM
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    Feel free to add to this existing thread, which is very similar to yours:
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    08-11-14 10:43 PM

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