1. EdY's Avatar
    Playing around with my Blackberry Torch 9810, using the headphones audio output from the phone connected directly to Xprotolab tiny oscilloscope to watch demos of "Oscillofun" and "Youscope" which alter the voltage on left/right channels to create different X-Y patterns resulting in the demo graphics! The video shows that you don't need a high-end audio card and that Blackberry output audio is good quality to reproduce these demos, and also did everything from the Blackberry directly (no computer needed) to stream the Oscillofun demo from YouTube, and also downloaded the "youscope.wav" file directly from EEVBlog to my Blackberry Torch 9810 and played it! No conversion or special apps needed, Blackberry does it all!

    Planning to use these to hack more things together.
    01-05-13 08:32 AM
  2. Crowezine's Avatar
    I'm not that techy in the sense of oscilloscope, but it shows that you don't need high end speakers. The BlackBerry's sound is pretty good on it's own.
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    01-05-13 10:51 AM
  3. EdY's Avatar
    These X-Y demos on oscilloscopes work like the laser shows, where the sound is a 2-channel (left and right) that has varying voltage, which is used to affect either X and Y deflection on an oscilloscope screen, or you can use it to alter electro-magnets on mirrors to deflect a laser-beam X/Y to draw shapes and figures! So my next project is to use the Blackberry to power a mini portable laser-show!!! I can use a small pocket laser pointer diode and a setup with 2 mirrors for X and Y, maybe with a small amp to drive them. But they have to be very responsive and stiff mirrors with strong magnets since they will need to vibrate at high frequencies.
    01-05-13 12:49 PM

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