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    How will your BB10 device be used to help you fulfill your NYR/s?

    I will use my B10 device while cooking to make tastier and healthier receipies! Using the BB flow seems more intuitive and less messy!

    And of course, use BB to track my fitness during workouts, a sleeker phone that I can actually take with me to the gym!

    What about you, how will the new BB improve your year, and your life?!
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    01-09-13 11:36 PM
  2. cl8baller's Avatar
    The sooner it is released for AT&T the better.

    I'm hoping to use it to better keep track of what needs to get done for my university classes such as due dates, exams, study sessions, and so forth. For a short while I used to do this with my current BlackBerry, a Bold 9000, but inputting everything through tasks and the calendar became more tedious than it was worth and I ended up just using pen and paper.

    I'm also hoping to use it to also stay fit, but most importantly to keep track of my diet; I am a hardgainer, so every meal counts, calories, protein, carbohydrates, and so on as I am trying to gain weight, which is sadly has been difficult for me. I need to keep track of those, as well as use my device as remainders to eat more and more until I get used to the habit to take full advantage of my workouts and then some.

    There are probably more stuff I would like to accomplish, but as far as school, fitness, and diet, that's all I have my heart set on at the moment.
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    01-10-13 12:10 AM

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