1. AmritD's Avatar
    First the call screen (it's the ugliest, the older one was so classy, so natural) then the Camera. Tap anywhere to click a pictures was different, was better and efficient. And the worst thing: Non removable batteries. Clueless why Blackberry is doing this. It was the identity of BlackBerry that one could just swap out batteries and keep going for however long one wanted.
    Can't help but think that the logo at back of the phone is also in the middle now just like Apple. It was more visible when it was towards the top.
    John Chen says that u r right as long as u r doing what the customers want. Then why isn't he listening to us about the call screen and camera and battery.
    Hoping things get back on track.
    08-26-14 11:58 PM
  2. adrianod1993's Avatar
    Chances are that they've done their research and they have made the changes in order to satisfy more customers. Times have changed and these are some features that people want clearly sticking to all the old BlackBerry hallmarks have no worked too well for them.

    I do agree however that having the logo in the middle is not to their advantage.

    Posted via CB10
    08-27-14 12:12 AM
  3. --TommesJay--'s Avatar
    The Apple logo on the iPhone was never in the middle. Also I guess I'm fine with the fixed battery as long as it's big enough, what it clearly is with the Z30 and Passport. Important to me is an sd card slot and that's still there. Camera wise I always took pictures by using the volume up button.

    So I don't exactly know how BlackBerry copies inferior things from iOS and Android.

    Posted via CB10
    08-27-14 01:52 AM

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