1. will92's Avatar
    The pricing of blackberry is all messed up, looking at the current market conditions.
    in india,
    Z10 is for Rs.17990
    Q5(my love) is nowhere less than Rs.20000.

    With such a stupid pricing, how can such a sweet device find a home, or even see the day light.
    Blackberry sure needs to work on that.
    03-18-14 05:09 AM
  2. will92's Avatar
    Exactly and those a**hats at apple bringing back the iPhone 4 just to steal marketshare from blackberry.
    Today they've 're'launched 5C-andies. By converting them 3mn dust-biting 16GB handsets into 8gb, and an OhSoReasonable 50$ price cut. God alone knows how they'll survive.
    Also, Apple considers India as a dumping ground, and alot of them i know(posers), deserve it.

    I hope Blackberry gives Q5 a serious price cut, to deal against Moto G. G is an insane phone
    03-18-14 05:22 AM
  3. Wiki Cydia's Avatar
    Exactly and those a**hats at apple bringing back the iPhone 4 just to steal marketshare from blackberry.
    Ah. So it's Apple's ~13% worldwide marketshare that's BBRY's problem, not Android's ~80%. Got it.
    03-18-14 07:05 AM
  4. will92's Avatar
    It doesn't work that way.

    Btw apple managed to sell over 12.5 million iPhone 5c devices last quarter. The 8gb is to STEAL marketshare away from windows phone and legacy blackberry devices in Europe. Chen needs to release the z3 in Europe stat.
    I don't think there's any legacy device selling in market for ~600$.
    Z3 needs to be launched ASAP. Moto G has already tightened it's grip on the market, and people(out of crackberry) don't really have any hopes left with BB.
    Also, Q5 price slash.
    03-18-14 07:26 AM
  5. Wiki Cydia's Avatar
    Profit-share is more important, especially to blackberry. With 13% marketshare, apple commands almost 70% of the profits for the entire mobile phone industry, not just smartphones.

    That 80% is a mirage. It's more like 55%, the other 25% is forked android and that figure is only going to increase.
    BBRY increased steadily for the first 3.5 years the iPhone was sold and peaked in the quarter that ended in February 2011 at 14.9 million units. But then sales began to fall, precisely as Android began to surge. While it's true that Apple makes the most profit, that doesn't mean Apple is the primary factor in BBRY's sales dip. If anything, the evidence points at Android.
    03-18-14 10:34 AM
  6. Skatophilia's Avatar
    I can't until the Z3 comes out though! It will be neat to see what happens
    03-18-14 05:32 PM
  7. cdw5510's Avatar
    Apple plays a huge roll in phones in the us. World wide personally they don't have a huge share. Now BlackBerry is huge world wide and small in states. I am apple through and through however one day I might switch to the BlackBerry again. Currently using Q10 to type this message and check emails. Love the keyboard.

    Posted via CB10
    03-18-14 05:46 PM

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