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    I searched around and couldn't find this so I guess I'll ask. Does anyone know how RIM decides the # used to name each blackberry device? We have the 8830 then the 8330 comes out, then the 8220 comes out. Now the 9000 is out before the 8900... it's all kind of confusing really.
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    The 8800 series and the 8300 series are two different families of berrys. They aren't numbered 1 to 100, they are model numbers grouped together to maintain the seperation. the 9000 is modeled after the 8800 series and the 8900 is modeled after the 8300 series. When a new line is introduced it will be named according to where it fits in the family. Notice how the 8300 is in between the 8100 and 8800 series and offers features from either device, kinda meets in the middle?
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    They hire top secret officials, to sit by the bat phone, and eventually it rings and a mysterious voice gives them the name.

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    I've just noticed there's no uniformity to the model # and releases. May be due to R&D or problems with the devices after conception of the idea...
    11-07-08 06:53 PM