1. blanksky's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    this is a great looking forum, very impressive! I've got a project coming up where i'll be producing some video. This video will be played from a web server and also we will encourage users to download it onto their company-issued 8830. I know the client uses RIMs BlackBerry solution, but communication with them is difficult. I'm not a blackberry user, so i'm looking to you as the experts in how you use this device.

    From a usability standpoint, would you like to view video on your blackberry?

    What complaints do you have about viewing video on the blackberry?

    Is it difficult to transfer video to the blackberry?

    Do most folks have a decent amount of memory available for such a download?

    From a system architechture standpoint, is there an easy way to make this video available to all users using the RIM software?

    thanks in advance all, your input will be truly valuable!
    01-30-08 10:01 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I don't mind watching a SMALL video on my BlackBerry, but I don't think a BlackBerry is REALLY for that...

    Just my opinion, of course...

    Viewing the video, if in the right format is easy. Bla1ze is brilliant at getting videos, and clips for BlackBerry'.

    I have a 2GB memory card in my device, and have quite a few clips etc on it...
    01-30-08 11:39 AM