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    Based on that train of though, wouldn't you think BB would have released the Mercury/PKB device?
    I'm assuming the # of pkb BB diehards > # of vkb BB diehards.
    You may be correct about PKB lovers being in the majority in the pool of BB diehards. The bigger problem is that there simply aren't enough BB diehards left to make the Mercury a profitable proposition - so BB won't be making it. As seems to be confirmed in the video.

    Marty's a great speaker IMO. Leaves you with a positive impression that there *is* a future and a plan for BB despite a logical analysis of what he actually said revealing that most of that positive vibe is built on hopes and dreams and relying on others. The mask only slipped the once, when there was that slightly desperate chuckle and "better be" when discussing there being more licensees out there.
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