1. cheryl2006's Avatar
    Hi, I am wandering if anyone can help....I am using a bold 9700 and I have sent a bbm and nor the D or R sign has appeared yet although I know the person has their phone switched on. It is also only this one contact that I have the problem with, does anyone have any idea what the problem could be here??

    Thanks in advance ;o)
    07-01-11 02:42 PM
  2. anon(3733516)'s Avatar
    no problem whatsoever. that simply means that your message has been sent from your device, but for some reason or another their phone hasn't received it. this could be because their phone is off/dead, they have poor network coverage, or there is some other error on their end.

    hope this helps.

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    07-01-11 07:21 PM
  3. samson47's Avatar
    Try deleting the contact from BBM & reconnecting with them. Had to do it once or twice & it worked OK

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    07-01-11 09:10 PM